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The "Cream" of Draft Horses

The only breed of draft horse to originate from America

The ideal American Cream is a medium cream color with white mane and tail, pink skin and amber colored eyes. Some white markings are also very desirable. Pink skin is the determining factor in securing this rich cream color. Past experience has proved that dark-skinned Creams often do not have a satisfactory color. Further when mated with our American Creams, they generally produce too light or nearly white offspring. Therefore, our chief and most sought for strain of American Creams has always carried the pink skin trait. These vary but little in color throughout the year and the white markings contrast beautifully with their rich cream color.

The amber eyes are also an unusual and distinguishing trait of the American Creams. The foals are born with nearly white eyes. In a short time they begin to darken and by maturity have turned to an amber color.

The American Cream draft horse may be classified as a medium-heavy draft type. The ideal mature weight of females is 1600 pounds and height of 15 - 16 hands. Ideal mature weight of stallions is 1800-2000 pounds and height of 16-16.3 hands. We feel this size most desirable. With their type and action, they make good show horses and also are of a size that fits into the average person's plans.


A characteristic of these horses, which makes a lasting impression on those who have handled them, is their good disposition. The person who keeps a team wants one not only trustworthy, but one in which they can take pride as well. They will, therefore, be pleased to note the uniformity in color and type of the American Creams, making for easily matched teams.


Where did the American Cream originate? This is the question most frequently asked by those seeing them for the first time.

We point with pride to the fact they are the only draft horse originated and recognized as a breed in the United States.

Our breed has descended from a draft type mare named "Old Granny" with an outstanding cream color. This mare of unknown ancestry was located in central Iowa during the early part of the twentieth century. She has left her stamp in the horse world as the founder of a breed of horses distinctly and consistently resembling herself in color and type. By mating her offspring to other well-known draft breeds, the type and quality has been improved while the color has been maintained.  horse

From the first, they were admired by all who saw them. It was not until approximately 1935 that any special effort was put forth to make a distinct breed of them. At that time, a few foresighted men began line breeding and inbreeding with the hopes of establishing a new draft breed.


In the spring of 1944, a group of interested breeders met in Iowa Falls, Iowa, and laid plans for forming the American Cream Draft Horse Association. Officers and directors were elected and negotiations to obtain charter were begun. On July 11, 1944, a charter was granted by the State of Iowa. Under this charter, registrations and transfers are made.


In November, 1948 they were recommended for recognition by the National Stallion Enrollment Board. On February 15, 1950 they were recognized as standard by the Iowa Department of Agriculture. This gives them all the privileges granted to older established breeds in that state.


In 1982, three member families and the Secretary met to reorganize. Revisions in the By-Laws were approved to permit registration of mares with dark skin while retaining the ruling that stallions must have pink skin. Blood testing has established that, compare with other draft breeds and based upon gene marker data, the Creams form a distinct group within the draft horses. Since reorganization, 140 animals have been registered.

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