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The Caspian Arabian

A New Breed For The MILLENNIUM!

A truly unique equine ranging in size from miniature under 34" to small horses at 15hh. All animals - Stallions, Mares and Geldings - are Graded in Competition and the resulting progeny are much in demand.

The CASPIAN ARABIAN has the appearance of a 'Miniature Arabian', with width and substance in proportion to its size. Bearing in mind that the breed is 'designed' specifically for children and small adults, they are narrower in the barrel than other breeds, giving the rider a feeling of comfort, security and confidence.

Paces are long and free-flowing. They are capable of out-running breeds of similar height, and so without effort, making them ideal for Endurance Riding and Pony Racing.

The outlook is alert and kind with no hint of mean-ness. The whole picture indicates a quality pony of athletic build and extreme good looks, which is full of presence, yet easily handled and has a loving disposition. "

The CASPIAN ARABIAN appear flamboyant, yet inherits a calm, sensible and willing nature. Even large stud stallions are handled and ridden by total novices and small children. They are extremely quick to learn and easily broken and schooled.

They enjoy a challenge and excel in competition where jumping ability, speed, stamina and agility are at a premium. They have the paces, looks, and temperament to make top class Show and Dressage ponies.

Despite their size and slender build they are well up to weight and "ride like a 16.2hh horse" with great endurance and stamina.

horse Further information, Approved Stallions and Stock For Sale available from

c/o Darkhorse Saddlery Caspian Stud Glendor Farm,
26 Lee Lane, BARNSLEY. South Yorkshire. Great Britain. S71 4RT
Tel +44 (0) 1226 722449

The information for this section was kindly provided by the Caspian-Arabian Registry. To find out more about the breed please visit the Registry here.
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