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The Haflinger horse

Haflingers have a long history on the Continent


Originating from the South Tyrol, Haflingers were the native ponies of the Alpine farms of Austria.
Arab blood, brought back from the Continental wars with the Turks was crossed the native Tyrolean Pony - thus establishing the Haflinger Horse Breed.

Stallions have been registered for over 100 years, with government-organised breeding for the past fifty years.
Haflingers are now established in all five continents, within many different countries.


Looks, Limb Bone

Head Expressive, lean and noble with slight dish. Eyes large, dark and lively. Fine nostrils and ears in proportion to the head.
Neck Connection from the head not too thick. Reasonably long, light and well positioned. Strong sloping shoulders and good withers. Not too deeply set on the body.
Body Broad, deep chest. Well tensed, not straight, back. Broad loins. Good joints. Well carried tail. Girth between 65"-73".
Limbs Clean and well positioned with hard healthy hooves. Strong fore-arms and a good second thigh. Short cannons. Bone: Mares 6½"-7¾", Stallions 7¼"-8½".
Paces Long free and elastic stride.
Height Mares 14hh (average), Stallions 14.2hh (average).


Chestnut, light , middle , liver or red.
Dappling is acceptable, as are paler legs and under-body.
White hairs within the coat and socks are not favoured.
Mane and Tail should be white or flaxen


Temperament and Versatility

The Haflinger is friendly, uncomplicated and willing - the ideal 'Family Pony'...


Haflingers have a loving temperament and a willingness to please. They need and enjoy plenty of exercise and are "good-doers", not needing large fields of lush grass or hard feeds (unless in strenuous work). Like all horses, their fields must have strong boundaries and plenty of fresh water. Despite being a hardy breed, Haflingers need shelter from the cold and wet.

Haflingers were first imported into Great Britain in the 1960's

Herr Otto Schweisgut, who developed the modern Haflinger breed in Austria has guided the Haflinger Society of Great Britain since its inception in 1970. Thus, the Haflinger Society of Great Britain models itself on the Tyrolean precepts regarding the breed.
In Austria, Haflingers are inspected at 3 years of age. This ensures that the pedigree Haflinger has good conformation, straight, free movement, an endearing temperament and good colouring.

The Haflinger Society of Great Britain inspects and grades all 3-year old fillies. Colts intended for breeding stallions are inspected yearly. If at 3-years old, the colts pass the inspections, they are allowed to become fully registered breeding stallions.
Haflinger breed societies around the world are linked via the World Haflinger Federation, being guided by Austria on overall standards and breeding aims.


The Duchess of Devonshire is our Patron. Along with Ernie Holmes and Jane Evers-Swindell, she was one of the first to import Haflingers into Britain. Her Majesty The Queen, having been presented with 2 mares during a State Visit to Austria, is also a Haflinger owner.

The Haflinger Society of Great Britain The information and photographs in this article are kindly provided by The Haflinger Society of Great Britain
For further information on the Haflinger, please contact Douglas Seel: email
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