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horse The Hungarian Warmblood

The Hungarian Warmblood or Hungarian Sport Horse as it is also known was developed at the Mezöhegyes State Stud in Hungary. Through selective crossing of native Hungarian breeds: Kisbér Félvér, Gidrán, Furioso-North Star, and Nonius to established warmblood breeds such as the Holsteiner, Hannoverian and Dutch Warm blood. The Stud was able to produce a warmblood breed capable of all modern equestrian sports.

Some of the more famous international competitors include:
Virtual Village Randi: ridden by John Whitaker has had wins in major Grand Prixs at Göttenburg, Valkensward, Dublin, Monterrey, and Paris.
Heritage Poker: ridden by Marcus Beerbaum and Kemal have both competed in the Volvo World Cup Championships and the Olympic Games. Numerous Hungarian Warmbloods have competed in international driving events.

The result of crossing native Hungarian breeds: Kisber Felver, Gidran, Furioso-North Star, and Nonius to established warmblood breeds such as the Holsteiner, Hannoverian and Dutch Warmblood. The goal to produce a top quality and highly competitive sport horse was achieved.


horse The influence of the native Hungarian breeds produced a horse lighter and more elegant than their heavier warmblood predecessors. The Hungarian Warmblood is a very beautiful horse of noble bearing with ground covering, animated action. A horse of exceptional intelligence and disposition.

This is a splendid sport horse combining the power, and flexibility of the warmblood, with the endurance, speed, stamina, and heart of the native Hungarian breeds. The strong hindquarters and build helped it to achieve international class in the Showjumping arena, while it's ability to endure, proud carriage, and amenity to discipline have led to success in both driving and dressage. Sizes 16.0-17.0 hands. All solid colors.

Accepted Crosses to Hungarian Warmblood:
Any high quality Thoroughbred, Warmblood, or other* to licensed or approved breeding stock.
* Not to include stock horse breeds.

The information and photographs in this article are kindly provided by the Kisber Felver & Gidran Association of North America. For further information on this breed, please click here.
The Kisber Felver and Gidran Association of North America
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