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The Purebred Spanish Horse

The Spanish Horse (Andalusian) is believed to be the most ancient riding horse in the world. Although the origins of the breed are not clear, Spanish experts adamantly maintain that it is in fact a native of Spain and does not owe one single feature of its makeup to any other breed .

In the 15th Century the Carthusian Monks founded the most famous lines of the Spanish horse on the Fuente del Suero estate Jerez. The Stud was called "Hierro del Bocado" and was situated in the beautiful grounds of the Guadalete's valley next to the Carthusian Monastery. The Carthusian Monks developed a herd that became one of the most appreciated in the world. In 1810 this legendary horse breeding stock was saved from dispersal by Jose Zapata who bought all the best horses and created the new brand in the shape of a bit. Some years later D. Vicente Romero bought some of the mare breeding stock and added a 'C' to the brand. This Stud was protected and kept pure by a number of very careful owners and is now in the safe hands of the Spanish State.

horse Whatever its own history. the Spanish horse has certainly made a lasting impact on many of the worlds breeds. including most of the American breeds, the Mustang, Quarter Horse Appaloosa, Peruvian Paso, Paso Fino and so on. In Europe the Spanish horse was used to improve and create many of the warmblood breeds such as The Thoroughbred using Spanish mares. In the 16th Century Purebred Spanish Andalusians were taken from Andalucia to Austria to found the most famous classical school 'The Spanish Riding School of Vienna and its Lipizzaner horses. Many of the German and Dutch breeds carry Spanish blood.

In Portugal the Alter Real used by the famous Portugese School of Equestrian Art were founded on mares and stallions taken from Andalucia in 1747 to Vila de Portel in Alentejo, Portugal. The Portugese Lusitano evolved from the horses of Andalucia being crossed with the native Portugese stock.

In Britain the Spanish horse has had a strong influence on many of our breeds including the Connemara, Cleveland Bay, Hackney, Irish Draught, the Welsh breeds.

At first sight the Andalusian takes your breath way with his sculptural beauty, proud bearing, natural high action and docile loving temperament. He is strongly built, yet extremely elegant with cat like agility and whilst he presents a picture of splendid animation he is at all times amenable to the person riding or handling him. He is a horse of extreme character and his eagerness to please in all he does makes him a truly magnificent mount or driving horse. These magnificent Spanish horses are once again becoming very sought after and are proving themselves in competition dressage, driving, showjumping, demonstrating great versatility. horse
A Pure 'Cartujano' stallion from the BOCADO Stud, Spain. Video's are available of this very famous stud through the British Association for the Purebred Spanish Horse
horse The information and pictures found in this section are kindly provided by the British Association for the Purebred Spanish Horse

The British Association For The Purebred Spanish Horse

The British Association for the Purebred Spanish Horse was founded in 1982 as The British Andalusian Horse Society. It is directly affiliated to the Jefatura de Cria Caballar (The Spanish State Stud) in Spain. Each Year representatives from The Jefatura come to Britain to grade stock of over three years old before it can be used for breeding. If it passes this inspection it is then entered into The Spanish State Stud Book as approved for breeding. The breeding of all Spanish Purebred horses is very strictly controlled by the Spanish Government

The Association hold Registers for the Purebred, Partbred and Hispano-Arabe.

The Association are in constant contact with Spanish Breeders, Associations and Riding establishments in Spain including The Real Escuela Andaluza Del Arte Equestre (The Royal Andalusian School of the Equestrian Art) in Jerez.

The Association has organised clinics with riders from the Jerez School and trips to Spain to visit this beautiful riding establishment as well as visits to Spanish Studs and Shows. The British Association for the Purebred Spanish Horse have arranged many classes at shows throughout the country in particular The Royal Windsor Horse Show and holds its own Championship Breed Show each year.

Over the years the Association has grown from strength to strength and has been the single most influential force in the dramatic upturn of interest shown in this breed. It has, and will continue to protect the breeds type and quality and above all its distinct identity as a Spanish Horse.

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