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The Tersk Breed was studbred at the Tersk Stud in the Caucasus of Russia during between 1921 and 1950, to replace the Strelets Arab which had almost died out during the civil war. This was achieved by judicious crossing of the two remaining Strelets Arab stallions and three pure Arab stallions with Arab x Don and Strelets x Kabardin mares. The original Strelets horses were of a quality Anglo-Arab type with Arab appearance but larger and with more substance.

The breed is now concentrated at the Stavropol Stud, also in the Caucasus. Due to the breeding and rearing taking place on the Steppes, their is an inherent toughness about the breed. In these circumstances, it is definitely "survival of the fittest" (weaker stock will succumb to pneumonia or wolves).

horse The size of Tersk horses varies between 15 and 16 hands and there are different types within the breed. There is a lighter, rangier Eastern type and the more substantial Massive type that usually has an infusion of Trakener blood. The predominant colour is grey, usually with a metallic silvery sheen to it, but bays, chestnuts and blacks do also occur.

Tersks have wonderful temperaments and are athletic and versatile. In Russia they are raced routinely and their speeds are faster than Arabs. They are slower than thoroughbreds over the shorter distances, though they compare favourably over the longer trips. Tersks are successful in eventing and dressage, are excellent showjumpers, as well as making top class endurance horses due to their great stamina. Tersk horses have been imported into Scotland and are being bred here. With proper worming and nutrition, (something which cannot always be provided in their native land), the stock is growing big and strong - hopefully some of the youngsters will reach 16 h.h. They are being proven in all disciplines and earning favourable recognition in whatever they turn their hooves to.


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