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Desert Shadow, Welara stallion owned by Black Thorn Ranch of Yucca Valley, Ca
The Welara Pony

The Welara pony is a cross between the Welsh pony and the Arabian horse. To cross these two animals tends to produce an animal of exceptional refinement and beauty, with great intelligence and fine temperament. This cross has been intentionally made for several hundred years, however the most noteworthy is that of Lady Wentworth of Sussex, England.

In the early part of this century she crossed several of her finest stallions, and used her primary stallion, the Polish bred Skowronek with Welsh mares that she had imported, to create a pony she admired so much that she made the claim for it that it was "the most beautiful pony on the face of the earth" as is quoted in "The Arabian Horse In America" by H. Reese. Lady Wentworth was a prolific writer, much is said in her writings of this cross. horse
Moonlight Ginger, Welara foal owned by Colleen Helps of Telkwa, B.C. Canada

Desert Shadow, Welara stallion owned by Black Thorn Ranch of Yucca Valley, Ca.
Begun in 1981 by a group of friends who were horsemen and women, a Registry was formed to give recognition and benefit to what had become the "Welara pony". Over the next twenty years the Registry grew and became more and more international, with members and animals registered in the entire United States, Canada, Jamaica, New Zealand, Hawaii, England, Wales, Germany and Australia. The primary feature of the Welara is beauty. He has a naturally arched neck, a dished face, with a high head carriage. He is very intelligent, basically friendly, and works well with humans. His disposition is his second most remarkable feature. In almost all individuals, a desire to please, a liking for human beings, and a generous giving of himself is very apparent. He is strong, and larger than most pony breeds.

The Registry also maintains a section involving the Foundation animals which make up the breed and is very proud of them. Fine Arabian and Welsh stallions and mares are numbered among them. Foundation animals are eligible to compete in any AWPS sanctioned shows and events. horse
Misty Mt. Bumpkin Welara mare and her foal Misty Mt. Char May, owned by Jamie Carman of North Little Rock, Arkansas.

As time went by, various requirements came into being involving color, height, and general acceptability. Appaloosa characteristics and coloring were not accepted, as were foals resulting from embryo transfer, also. A recent increase in size acceptability, now ranging from 46 to 60 inches permits the use of Welsh Cobs in the breeding program. People like the feathered feet and the stockier build permits average adults to ride them, at the same time having the elegant head and refinement of a Welara pony.

Tojo, Welara gelding owned by Dawn Swagel of Green Bay, Wisconsin.
Used for fine harness driving, English pleasure, halter, hunter, native costume, as well as the personal mount, the Welara has excelled in competitive trail rides against full size horses, Welara are a most versatile animal

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The Welara Pony

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