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6 Chalybeate Street,
Ceredigion, SY23 1HS.



The Welsh Pony and Cob Society was established in 1901 by landowners, farmers and those interested in the Welsh Breeds, who recognised the importance of documenting and recording the pedigrees of Welsh Ponies and Cobs. In 1902, the Society published the first volume of the Welsh Stud Book, which, today in its 80th Volume, contains the breeding details of four 'Sections' of Welsh Pony/Cob

1.Section A, the Welsh Mountain Pony, under 12 h.h. (121.9 cm)

2.Section B, the Welsh Pony, under 13.2 h.h. (137.2 cm)

3.Section C, the Welsh Pony (Cob Type), under 13.2 h.h. (137.2 cm)

4.Section D, the Welsh Cob (no height limit)

There is also a Welsh Part-Bred Register recorded in the Stud Book, for horses and ponies with not less than 25% of registered Welsh blood in their parentage.

Today, the Society is the largest of Britain's ten native Breed Societies, with many Area Associations and Overseas Societies having been formed that provide a network of "Welsh" enthusiasts across the world.

The success of the Society is due both to the foresight of the founders and to the excellent inherent attributes of Welsh Ponies and Cobs. Their versatility, superior performance, hardiness and kind, loyal nature make them the first choice of pony or horse for all .

The variety between the Sections means that within the Welsh Stud Book there is something for everyone, from Welsh Mountain Pony (Section A) lead-rein, to Welsh Pony (Section B) child's riding pony, Welsh Pony (Cob Type) (Section C) pony club mount, to the adult's exciting ride or drive, the Welsh Cob (Section D). The Welsh can indeed cater for all, from the cradle to the grave!

Britain's native breeds are the envy of the world, having some of the purest genetic pools for breeding to be found anywhere. It is vital that the Welsh breeds are maintained in a pure form to enable future generations to enjoy this legacy entrusted to the Society members, the custodians of Welsh Ponies and Cobs.

The semi-feral Welsh Mountain Pony, thought by many to be the basis of the Welsh Stud Book, faces ever-increasing threats to survival on its native heath and needs support. Widely acknowledged as the World's most beautiful pony, it is essential that the traditional hill breeding of these Mountain Ponies continues.

The Society relies heavily on its membership to provide the essential financial

support needed to continue to protect and promote Welsh Ponies and Cobs.

Become a Member of the Welsh Pony and Cob Society and support the Welsh Breeds!


By becoming a Member of the Society you will be playing a vital role in the preservation of Welsh Ponies and Cobs, ensuring that their traditional characteristics of hardiness, strength, agility and beauty are maintained for future generations to enjoy.

Annual Membership, which runs from 1st January to 31st December, currently costs £25 (UK Sterling). In addition to providing essential financial support to the Society, as a member you will receive the Society annual Journal and Newsletters, be able to register pure-bred colts and fillies, compete for Society Medals at various shows, have access to the Society Pavilion at the Royal Welsh Show etc.

For those with a British Bank account, it is possible to pay for your annual membership using a variable amount direct debit mandate. This is strongly recommended, since it means that your annual subscription is collected every January, without any further effort from yourself

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