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Now, just what is a Pintabian?

braveheart.jpg - 11426 Bytes

Braveheart is a verified 63/64 or 98.4% Purebred

Arabian. His foals out of Purebred Arabian mares are 127/128 or 99.2% Purebred Arabian and are therefore eligible to be registered as full Pintabians in the Pintabian registry. Braveheart is registered in 5 different registries. He is reg. numbers are: (Pintabian Producer) PHRI 49612001, IAHA 6A324315, PtHA 84806, PARONA P1996 0634, APAR A1213S

The Pintabian is a breed of horse that must be verified as to having 99% or more of purebred Arabian blood, with a tobiano coat pattern. Tobiano, color pattern, is non-symmetrical , with large, irregular spots.

There are only about 350 Registered Pintabians in the world, making them a rare and valulable breed.

The well-defined spots cover the body and usually crosses the topline at some point between the ears and tail. The head is usually colored with white markings, common to those of non-spotted horses. The legs are most often white on all four. All Tobianos are unique and can range from a mostly white horse to that of very little white, with the ideal being that of 50% color and 50% white.
braveheart2.jpg - 7835 Bytes

bravebaby1.jpg - 9999 Bytes
This is Bravehearts first foal. A Black and White Pintabian filly born 3/7/99. Her name is SH Ebony Moon (she has a black circle in her face marking) Her reg numbers are IAHA 7A334736, PtHA 96988, PHRI 19921001. She is an example of the unique Tobiano color pattern

Pintabians are bred for their beauty, intelligence, disposition, stamina, and are very versatile. They have a short dished head, that is wide-set between large eyes, long arched neck, short back, level hip, and high tail carriage. The general height range is between 14.2 and 15.2, with a few individuals over or under that height and weigh between 900 and 1,100 pounds Pintabians are ideal for pleasure, showing, competitive and endurance sports, driving, racing, or just family fun.
bravebaby2.jpg - 8303 Bytes

bravebunch.jpg - 14700 Bytes
This is a photo of The 99 foals eating. The black and whites are full pintabians. the solid black is a filly sired by my Homozygeous black Purebred Stallion .

This chart may help you determine the percentage of Arabian blood

  • 3/4 Arabian = 75% Arabian in blood
  • 7/8 Arabian = 87.5% Arabian in blood
  • 15/16 Arabian = 93.75% Arabian in blood
  • 31/32 Arabian = 96.875% Arabian in blood
  • 63/64 Arabian = 98.4375% Arabian in blood
  • 127/128 Arabian = 99.21875% Arabian in blood (Pintabian)
    (and higher)

    SH Morning Surprise Foaled May 31, 2001 (PHRI #10122008 IAHA #7A343791 PtHA# 106177) She is another example of the 50/50 color Pattern.
    bravedoll.jpg - 7939 Bytes

    When two Pintabians are crossed with each other, the resulting foal still carries over 99% Arabian blood. Pintabian foals without the desired tobiano markings are eligible for registration as breeding stock, as they are still over 99% Arabian. Purebred Arabians may be registered as Outcross horses to allow for additional bloodlines.

    braveboy.jpg - 9049 Bytes
    This is SH Conquestidor reg # PHRI 19911003, IAHA 7A 334939, PtHA 96990. He is an example of the 50/50 Tobiano color pattern. He is a Pintabian Stallion Prospect. He was foaled 4/27/99

    For further information please contact:
    Pintabian Horse Registry, Inc.,
    P.O. Box A, Karlstad, MN 56732.

    This article written by Barb Olson
    Email her at or visit her at Spruce Hollow Arabians and Pintos to learn more about this fascinating breed.

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