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Professional equine dentists often offer dental examination and consultation free of charge if you then opt to have the horse treated. We are committed to helping owners understand the nature of any problems, and we encourage owners to participate in developing management plans for horses with dental problems.

Equine dentists may work alone or in conjunction with a veterinarian. You can expect to pay veterinarian's call fee, fee for treatment, and cost of drugs administered if any. Charges are based on type of work performed. Here are some possible services:

  • Examination, evaluation and consultation
  • Educational demonstrations
  • Remove wolf teeth
  • Pull "caps" or expired baby teeth
  • Float (grind off sharp points)
  • Cut and smooth canines, remove plaque buildup from canines
  • Performance floating (especially beneficial to horses with high-performance careers)
  • Incisor adjustment (shorten long incisors or reshape incisors which have worn more on one side than the other, thus unbalancing the mouth)
  • Cut "hooks" from fore and aft ends of cheek batteries
  • Occlusal table adjustment (grind off uneven "snaggle" teeth and re-shape grinding surfaces of cheek teeth)
  • Tooth extraction

For information on how to obtain competent equine dentistry in your local area, you may contact us at

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The information and illustrations in this section are kindly provided by the Canadian Equine Dental Consultants and the American Equine Dental Consultants. For further information please visit their website - click here
Canadian Equine Dental Consultants Canadian Equine Dental Consultants
American Equine Dental Consultants
American Equine Dental Consultants