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Care Of Tack and Tack Cleaning

Dirty, badly kept tack is uncomfortable for both the rider and the pony. It is also unsafe and looks dreadful.

Always carry tack correctly - no trailing reins or girths. Hang it up correctly to prevent it being damaged & to keep the tack room tidy. Lay tack down so that it won’t get damaged. Tack thrown around or roughly handled will soon get scraped & damaged.

Parts of the Bridle

The parts of a Saddle

You clean your tack;

  • for the comfort and health of the pony
  • for the safety of the rider
  • to keep it looking good
  • to make it last longer

As you clean your tack, inspect it for worn areas and loose stitching.

Equipment for tack cleaning;

  • warm water for washing - cold water does not remove the grease, hot water weakens leather
  • sponges/cloths for washing and drying
  • oil for softening
  • saddle soap for softening and protecting

Wash off all dirt & grease with a damp, well wrung out sponge. The leather should not be wet. Put on oil if necessary & then the saddle soap. If the soap lathers, your sponge is too wet!

Wash and dry the stirrup irons - these may also be cleaned with metal cleaner.

Brush the girth with a dandy brush if it is not a leather girth.

Wash the bit in clean water. Do not clean the mouthpiece with metal cleaner.

Tack should be stored at room temperature. If it is too damp the tack will go mouldy & the stitching will rot. If it is too hot the tack will dry out & start to crack.

If stored for a long time, cover with a thin layer of vaseline for protection & wrap in newspaper

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Article kindly provided by Hayfield Riding Centre