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The FEI Federation Equestre Internationale News

January 2002

FEI/BCM Dressage rankings
FEI/Gandini Jumping Rankings
World Cup Driving half-time
WC Dressage in San Patrignano


The No 12 List of the FEI/BCM World Dressage Riders Rankings includes all 2001 results.

Ulla Salzgeber still leads the standings with an unchanged score of 79.645. Lars Petersen (DEN) had no results in December 2001 to compensate for the points dropped the previous December. He consequently lost the runner-up spot and is now 3rd behind Nadine Capellmann (GER).

The American rider Lisa Wilcox went up from the 7th to 5th place (from 75.157 to 75.433 points) thanks to her 2nd place in the Grand Prix and Kür of Frankfurt (GER).

Arjen Teeuwissen (NED) burst in to the Top 10 and makes a remarkable jump from the 83rd to the 7th place in the rankings. In the No 11 Dressage Rankings list, he only had 7 results to count. He had excellent results in December with his horse Gestion Goliath: 1st in the Grand Prix and Kür in Amsterdam, 1st and 3rd in Mechelen.

Rankings on the FEI website

Article published in FEI Flash News (e-mail) on 09 Jan.

Most of the riders in the Top Ten could replace their high amount of dropped points from December 2000, thanks to their good results in December 2001.
Ludger Beerbaum (GER) celebrates the first anniversary of his undisputed leadership in the FEI Gandini Rankings with 3224 points, 761 more than runner-up, the Brazilian Rodrigo Pessoa, who moves up from the third to second place. Ludo Philippaerts (BEL) is now third.

Only Willi Melliger (SUI) could not replace the 350 points he was losing in December. Due to back problems he had to decline the invitation to the Top Ten Final on 8 December in Geneva. He therefore goes down one place and is now 6th.

Rolf-Göran Bengtsson (SWE) continues his smooth progression and goes up from 8th to 7th place. He earned 135 points in Geneva, 180 in Paris, where he won the Grand Prix and 45 in Amsterdam.

Jos Lansink (BEL) was kicked off the Top Ten and is now 12th. Jan Tops makes a spectacular jump from 31st to 17th place thanks to his excellent performances in Geneva (100 points), Amsterdam (50), Berlin (70) and Paris (120). Good progression also by Toni Hassmann (GER), from 25th to 19th place.

The best lady rider for the second consecutive month is Beezie Madden-Patton (USA) at the 14th place, closely followed by Leslie Howard (USA) who moves up from 26th to 16th place.

Rankings on the FEI website


With the CAI-W Mechelen in Belgium the newly introduced FEI World Cup Driving reached its halfway mark. Four competitions were held in Stuttgart, Stockholm, Amsterdam and Mechelen – four more are to come in Bordeaux, Dortmund, -s’Hertogenbosch and Göteborg.

Chester Weber of the United States, the only of the ten World Cup Drivers who did all his four events already, is in the lead with 27 points, ahead of Ludwig Weinmayr (GER) with 17 points and his countryman Christoph Sandmann with 14 points.

If one considers the number of starts by each of the ten drivers Michael Freund with a victory in his only start is in the lead (10 points average) ahead of Weinmayr with 17 points from two starts. (= 8.5 points average), Christoph Sandmann (14 from 2 starts = 7.0 points average), Chester Weber (27 from 4 starts = 6.75 points) and Harry de Ruyter (12 from 2 starts = 6.0 points). Of the four Wild Card drivers (one at each of the events) Fredrik Persson of Sweden had the best result (3rd in Stockholm).

There were four different winners in the four Competitions: Michael Freund in Stuttgart, Chester Weber in Stockholm, Harry de Ruyter in Amsterdam and Ludwig Weinmayr in Mechelen.

The Standings after 4 Competitions
1 2. 3. 4. Total
1 Chester Weber USA 5 10 7 5 27
2 Ludwig Weinmayr GER 7 - - 10 17
3 Christoph Sandmann GER - 7 - 7 14
4 Harry de Ruyter NED - 2 10 - 12
5 Michael Freund GER 10 - - - 10
6 Gert Schrijvers BEL 1 - 5 2 8
7 Ysbrand Chardon NED - - 3 3 6
8 Fredrik Persson SWE - 5 - - 5
9 Werner Ulrich SUI 3 - 1 - 4
10 Tomas Eriksson SWE - 3 - - 3
11 Hansjörg Hammann GER 2 - - - 2
Ton Monhemius NED - - 2 - 2
13 Daniel Würgler SUI - 1 - - 1
Félix Brasseur BEL - - - 1 1

Since Christoph Sandmann’s wife is expecting a baby during the Göteborg Horse Show, a switch was arranged: he will compete in ‘s-Hertogenbosch and Daniel Würgler will go to Göteborg.

The remaining competitions
Warm up World Cup Participating Drivers (+ one Wild Card)
Bordeaux (FRA) 08 February 10 February Freund, Ulrich, Würgler, de Ruyter, Sandmann
Dortmund (GER) 15 March 16 March Freund, Eriksson, Chardon, Weinmayr, Würgler
‘s-Hertogenbosch (NED) 22 March 23 March Eriksson, Chardon, Schrijvers, Weinmayr, Sandmann
Göteborg (SWE) 05 April 06 April Freund, Ulrich, Eriksson, Würgler, de Ruyter

The CSI-W Vigo, held the week following Bordeaux, will also organise Indoor driving competitions. Although not part of the World Cup in the 2001 / 02 season, it can be expected that the five drivers who competed in Bordeaux will go on to Vigo.

complete results and standings on:

World Cup Dressage Qualifier For The First Time In Italy

A top International equestrian event will take place in the community of San Patrignano (Italy) from 25 to 27January 2002 when, for the first time ever, one of the qualifiers for the FEI Dressage World Cup will take place in the leading community in Europe for the rehabilitation and social re-integration of drug addicts.

Some of the best International dressage riders will be competing in San Patrignano in what will be the first ever FEI Dressage World Cup competition held in Italy since the series was started sixteen years ago. San Patrignano CDI-W will be the sixth qualifier of the 2001/2002 edition of the FEI Dressage World Cup.
Many top competitors have already confirmed their participation. Amongst them Beatrice Ferrer-Salat (ESP), recently winner of the World Cup competition in Mechelen (Belgium) and currently ranked fourth in the overall World Cup standings led by German champion Isabelle Werth. Beatrice will try to double her Belgian success in order to achieve enough points to get the precious qualification for the FEI World Cup final that will take place from 21 to 24 March in ‘s-Hertogenbosh (NED).


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