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The Royal National Theatre presents a unique exhibition:

Last of a Breed:
A photographic tribute to the working cowboy

by Martin HM Schreiber
14 February - 23 March 2002

Lyttelton Exhibition Foyer
10.00am - 11.00pm (not Sundays). Free

"Martin Schreiber's strikingly direct and truthful photographs vividly capture and convey the allure and the reality of cowboying. No drugstore, celluloid, urban or wannabe cowboys here … just the real McCoy". Professor Richard W. Slatta

Ridin' drag, Bell Ranch, New Mexico by Martin Schreiber

This exhibition is a remarkable collection of around 100 images by internationally acclaimed photographer and adventurer Martin Schreiber. This compelling photographic record captures the essence of the contemporary cowboy's daily existence, which has remained unchanged since the need for cowboys arose. In addition to the striking images originally featured in a book on the same theme Last of a Breed: Portraits of Working Cowboys, the exhibition will also include much new work. Around half of the work in the exhibition has never been shown in the UK.

This show is a social documentary giving an intriguing insight to a free-ranging lifestyle, which has been an inspiration for many writers and film-makers and reveals recent images of the great American hero known throughout the world. The images reveal raw masculinity and vast spaces and provoke a dream of a rural past.

Martin Schreiber has been documenting cowboy life for some 14 years. While teaching nude photography at the Parsons School in New York, a chance meeting with a group of Texas businessmen and their wives led him to spend a year on working ranches in the American West. The result was the absolute antithesis of the glamour work that had been his career's focus up to that point (including famous nude pictures of Madonna published as Madonna Nudes 1979 and to be republished at the end of January 2002 by Long Wind Publishing and distributed by Art Books International).

Argentina, 1997 by Martin Schreiber
Martin Schreiber was born in 1946 in Prague, Czechoslovakia, emigrating to New York in 1952. He dropped out of college during the turbulent 1960s and joined the Army where he went to photo lab school, stimulating a love of photography. He has gone on to teach and lecture at various prestigious institutions. His work has been published in every major magazine and has been the subject of over 40 group and solo exhibitions and 14 books. He now lives near Paris.

Collectors include: HRH Prince Charles, President Reagan, Jack Nicholson, International Center of Photography N. Y. and many others.

QUOTES FROM LAST OF A BREED published by Long Wind Publishing and distributed by Art Books International

These photographs of the contemporary cowboy are the best that I have ever seen … Study the pictures well, for these are cowboys, and this is the work they do and the country in which they do it. They have changed but little. The men in these pictures could have ridden the old trails just as well as their ancestors long ago. Legendary western author Louis L'Amour

Through Schreiber's compelling images, we share a predawn cup of coffee, blink at dust kicked up by a herd of cattle, hear the sizzle of the branding iron and bask in the warmth of an evening campfire.
Professor Richard W. Slatta

By the time a cowboy gets to be 25 years old, he's developed his own look. After that he'll crease his hat the same till he dies. Joel Nelson, 06 Ranch, Alpine Texas

It gives a man a feeling of freedom to ride - no walls to look at, no traffic jams, and not too many people. To hear spurs and buckles rattling leather squeaking, horses swishing through dewy grass and snorting, gives you a peaceful feeling, a pride that you are here. Ron Cramer, 6666 Ranch, Panhandle, Texas

Martin HM Schrieber


Amarillo Art Centre.
First National Bank of Amarillo
International Centre of Photography
Paul Weiss Rifkind Wharton & Garrison
St. Louis Union Trust Company
Southland Corporation
Scurry County Museum
The Museum Ludwig
The New York Public Library
United New Mexico Bank
M Bank Dallas
Phillip Morris, American West Art Collecttion

HRH Princes Alia
HRH Prince Charles
HRH Prince Faisal bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud
President Ronald Reagan
Guy Barron
Malcolm Forbes
Marilyn Fishbach
Alexander Julian
Warren Edwards
Adrian Keller
Andre Kertesz
Stanley Marsh III
Jack Nicholson
Isamu Noguchi
Bozz Scaggs
Uwe Scheid Collection
Shanon WynnVirginia Zabriskie
Pierre Lescure

The New School/Parsons - Photographing the Nude, 1977-1983
The School of Visual Arts - Basic Photo, 1977-1978
Lectures at Various institutions and museums.

2000: Teton Public Library in Jackson, Wyoming, May 14th to June 24th
Cowboy Artists of America Museum in Kerrville, Texas July 5th - August 16th
1999: National Cowboy Hall of Fame, Oklahoma City, OK.
Colorado Springs Fine Arts Centre, Colorado. Touring show
1993: Korun Gallery, Prague, Czech Republic
1990: Portfolio Gallery, London
Agelii & Palmblad/Vanzaff, Gotenborg, Sweden
Neikrug Gallery, New York City
1988: Galleria Occidente Colubiano, Cali, Columbia
Galleria La Francia, Medelin, Columbia
Galeria El Museo, Bogota, Columbia
1984: Central Falls Gallery, New York City
1983: Scurry County Museum, Snyder, Texas
Boot Hill Museum, Dodge City, Oklahoma
Central Falls Gallery, New York City
Hardison Fine Arts, New York City
1982: Gallery of Photographic Arts, Cleveland Ohio
The After Image, Dallas, Texas
Amarillo Fine Arts Centre Museum, Amarillo, Texas
1980: Stanley & Schenck, Atlanta, Georgia
International Centre Of Photograpy, New York City
Secrets Gallery, Provincetown, Massachusettes
1979: L'Affiche Gallery, New York City
1978: Neill Gallery, New York City

1993: Fototage, Frankfurt, Germany
1991: Bilderlust, Leipzig Museum, Germany
Czech Photographers in Exile, Prague, Czchoslovakia
Bilderlust, Museum Ludwig, Koln, Germany
Galerie Cremniter-Laffanour, Paris
1990: Festival International de la Mode, juried show, Budapest
1989: New School/Parsons, New York City (faculty show)
Staley Wise, New York City
1988: Frank Bernaducci Gallery, New York City (Aids Benefit)
The American Crafts Museum, New York City
1987: Photography in the West, Rockwell Museum, Corning,N.Y.
Jayne Baum Gallery, New York City
1985: Albright Knox Museum, Rochester, N.Y.
Vision Gallery, San Francisco, CA
Visual Arts Museum,N.Y.C.
The Provincetown Museum, Massachusettes
1984: King Street Gallery, New York City
Silver Image Gallery, Seattle, Washington
1983: Gallery 66, Easthampton, New York
1982: Chinese Chance, New York City
Silver Image Gallery, Seatlle
Ericson Gallery, New York City
Stanley Wise Gallery, New York City
1981: Allen Street Gallery, Dallas, Texas
L'Affiche Gallery, New York City
1980: Neikrug Gallery, New York City
Central Falls Gallery, New York City
The Provincetown Museum, Massachusettes
1977: Rizzoli Gallery, New York City
1976: Images Gallery New York City

1998: Cafes Des Artistes - Editions Plume, Paris
1993: Amish Heartland - Parco Publishers, Japan
Buckaroo - Callaway Editions, New York City
Alexandra S. - Fototage Editions, Frankfurt
1991: Czech Photographers in exile, Prague
Bilderlust - Editions Braus, Heidleberg, GFR
Way out West - Treville Publishers, Japan
1990: Madonna Nudes 1979 - Benedikt Tashen Verlag, Koln, GFR
1988: I,Madonna - Shueisha Publishing, Japan
Last of a Breed - Bantam Books, New York City, (paperback)
1986: The Majestic World Of Arabian Horses - Abrams, NYC
1982: Last Of A Breed, Texas Monthly Press, Texas
Last Of A Breed, Limited Edition of 600 (16x21inches)
1980: Bodyscapes - Abbeville Press, New York City

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Born June 14th, 1946 in Prague Czechoslovakia
Immigrated to the USA in 1952 to New York City.
Honorably discharged from the USA Army in 1968.

Further information available from: Royal National Theatre, South Bank, London SE1 9PX T: 020 7452 3000

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