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Coriano, Condios' Sire, Takes 6th Place in German Showjumping Index

CORIANO (Corrado I x Lord), the sire of Morningside Stud's jumping sensation CONDIOS (Coriano x Landgraf I), has ascended to the top tier of German sires according to a study released at the end of December by the German Federation.

The study's purpose was to determine the breeding values of German-based sires. The study used information on 350,000 horses and included results from mare tests, stallion tests, and, above all, showjumping competition results.

Germany's top-10 sires, as reported in "FN-Aktuell" (, are:

1. Stakkato, 169 breeding value (b/v), 78 accuracy.
2. Concerto II, 161 b/v, 88 accuracy.
3. Cassini I, 160 b/v, 96 accuracy;
=3 Carthago, 160 b/v, 96 accuracy;
5. Contender, 159 b/v, 98 accuracy;
6. Coriano, 158 b/v, 93 accuracy;
=6. Caretino, 158 b/v, 97 accuracy;
8. Levantos II, 155 b/v, 80 accuracy;
9. Capitol I, 154 b/v, 98 accuracy;
10. For Pleasure, 154 b/v, 94 accuracy.

With a breeding value of 158, Coriano is 58% superior in his breeding value to the average sire included in this largest and most sophisticated analysis of German horses ever undertaken.

"We find these results published by the German Federation to be very interesting and important," states Tom Reed, the owner of Morningside Stud and Condios. "We have been telling breeders for over two years that Condios has within him incredible showjumping genes that should be paired with excellent Irish mares to produce the showjumpers of the future: the Irish Warmblood. And with Condios continuing to excel in showjumping competitions on the continent, Coriano's value as a sire can only increase in the years ahead!"

Morningside Stud's sire Condios is a Holsteiner stallion approved in Ireland, Germany, Denmark, and the UK. Born in 1995, Condios is the only Irish-owned stallion ever to have reached the Finals of the German Showjumping Championship.

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