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Save Our Sanctuary
Please Help Save the Mostonbrook Sanctuary

The Mostonbrook Sanctuary is in desperate need of help. The sanctuary, formally of Manchester now in Pembrokeshire has not been able to fund-raise for winter feed as they usually do due to the foot and mouth restrictions.

This year has been the worst year in the history of the sanctuary but we are determined to continue on with the fight against cruelty to animals, also now the world seems to be in turmoil once, more and war is a very real possibility. Sadly in times such as these all animals suffer no one wants to send donations to animals when there are so many people in need but people can at least help themselves animals can't so that's where we always have more to do than ever.
The sanctuary is inundated with requests for old unwanted horses ponies and donkeys to come in to be looked after in many cases the owners are desperate and have no one else to turn to it is so difficult for us as we can't take all the equines that want to come to us but we can and do take as many as possible, if they are ride able and young enough we may be able put them in foster homes but most are un- rideable so they have to stay here. This always puts a strain on us as we rarely get the kind of donations that the larger fancy sanctuaries do, but we are a sanctuary with a difference we have no paid staff, we have no fancy cars, or uniforms, we don't have modern stables, but we do have lots of love and compassion and we care desperately about the animals in our care, so that's why now we are begging for your help in our darkest hour.
We need at least £10,000 for winter feed this may sound a lot but compared to other sanctuaries it is not a lot, also we have large vet bills over £300 per month plus wormers over £2,000 per year and horse rugs grooming brushes for the animals with out your help it means the difference sometimes between life and death if we cant get enough for the winter feed we have to say no to equines that need our help, they deserve a good and happy life after working as they have done, many have been children's ponies and now the kids no longer want them and in many cases they don't care, also many go to slaughter in the most horrific circumstances to countries across Europe travelling many hours and with little or no food or water, some ponies lots of them foals go for only a few pounds some as little as £1 we try to help where we can but now our funds are totally depleted.

Donkeys - we have 22

Donkeys at the sanctuary are old and most are ex beach donkeys, they stay here for the rest of their lives when they come to us and we don't foster them out because they are here for a complete rest after a long life of servitude giving rides daily to children. They have worked very hard and here they are loved and have rest and care in there last years so please help us in our work with your help we can and do make a difference without it the animals face a bleak and uncertain future.

This sanctuary has been in existence since 1946 Please help us to keep going if we don't get help we hate to think of what may happen, if we don't get help many equines needing a good home may die when they could have a good and long quality of life,
So what can we do to raise funds, one-way is to help us in a new venture that will help the environment and get us much needed funding, We have just started a long-term campaign by recycling empty Inkjet toner - laser cartridges [Sorry no Epson -brother- sharp -or Kyocera bottles] this is through a company called worktwice, this is because NASSL, National Animal Support League has set up a funding program with worktwice for us as we are in desperate need of help

We supply pre paid envelopes to companies using the small hewlet packard inkjets and for companies using the big toner laser cartridges, we offer free courier pick up service we also collect 0ld mobile phones,
Finally we can offer a very competitive rate for all your office supplies,
Revenue from this campaign will be used to help pay for the winter-feed - bedding & the dreaded vets bill, by sending your used ink jet cartridges you help the environment and us

Donation no matter how small or large are always desperately needed and very gratefully accepted all cheques should be made out to the MOSTONBROOK SANCTUARY or in to any Lloyds TSB Sort code number is 776504-account number 09871960 or send for a direct debit form for regular donations to help with the animal's upkeep
With love and best wishes from all the animals and staff at the sanctuary

Call Hotline 01453 521300

Mostonbrook Sanctuary
Equine Home of Rest
Dolfynydd Farm Llwyndrain Llanfyrnach Pembrokeshire SA35 0AS
TEL 01239 698 649 EMAIL
Web page


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