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No Gain, No Pain

With the more mild months still around the corner, are the winter conditions causing you concern over your horse's weight loss - not how to prevent it, but how to achieve it? If so, you may sometimes feel that you are in the minority, but in fact your concerns are not entirely surprising as there are a host of possible contributory factors for this, including:

" Continuing reduced workload
" Increased amount of time indoors
" An inherent tendency to gain weight
" Being a 'good-doer'
" The feed currently supplied is over-compensating for the lack of available grazing

However, you should not consider the task of reducing the weight of your horse at this of time year as being impossible. In fact, by feeding him a low calorie mix, your horse can digest all the goodness he needs whilst simultaneously shedding the pounds.

The even better news is that the benefits of using such a mix surpass weight-loss alone. You can expect your horse's general health to improve, as well as seeing marked improvements in his skin and coat conditions; and, you can reap the financial benefit as low-calorie mixes are often more cost-effective than the alternative of feeding chaff with vitamin supplements.

A mix that is low in starch and high in fibre, such as Allen and Page's
Slim & Healthy is the perfect choice. Not only has it boosted vitamin and mineral levels, a carefully selected blend of natural ingredients, but also Protexin and yeast to help establish and maintain a healthy balance of micro-organisms in the gut making it the ideal way to improve the health of your horse without encouraging any of that weight-gain.

If, however, you need to demand just a bit more energy a feed - still without running the risk of encouraging unwanted 'hotting-up' - then a mix suitable for rest or light work, like Allen and Page's Quiet Mix with extra real mint, will sensibly help your horse through the winter months.

As Amiee Giles Of Haslingden revealed, thanks to Quiet Mix, her horse has not only achieved his optimum weight but is 'more chilled and in better condition with improved concentration'. Also available is Herbal Quiet Mix which contains premium grade herbs including mint, garlic, rosemary, sage and thyme to delight even the most 'fussy' horse.

For more information or advice, contact Allen and Page at: Norfolk Mill, Shipdham, Thetford, Norfolk, IP25 7SD. Tel 01362 822902 or fax 01362 822910. Email:


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