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Pristine Pasture And Paddocks

With winter debris still prevalent, and paddock spring-cleaning just around the corner, the early part of the year can be a cleaning nightmare. So, it is good to know that Terra-Vac, the market-leader of industrial suction cleaners and all-purpose sweepers, can, and will, meet all your paddock and pasture management requirements.

For smaller cleaning tasks the Terra-Vac Colt, which can be easily towed by a ride-on mower or ATV, is ideal. Powered by a 9hp petrol or 11hp diesel engine, the Colt is as efficient clearing open areas with its suction hover-plate as it is in tricky confined places with its wanderhose. There really are no areas of the stables, feeding areas or paddocks that can escape the Colt.

If your requirements are on a larger scale then the Stud - with its hydraulically tipped body and huge capacity starting at three cubic metres - is the Terra-Vac for you. In fact, the Terra-Vac Stud is already the first choice clearing and cleaning tool of racecourses and studs the length and breadth of the UK. Its popularity can be ascribed to the fact that not only is it the cure for current pasture and paddock debris troubles, but it can also prevent future grazing problems thanks to its substantial suction power which is capable of clearing damaging redworm (strongyles) larvae from surrounding grass areas.

Also available from Terra-Vac are the Park and Commercial ranges of cleaners. These are ideal for collecting large volumes of waste and are proven to be popular for large rural dwellings as well as racecourses. Complete with 90cm and 120 cm wide scoops respectively, the Park and Commercial series come equipped with 20cm diameter wanderhoses, meaning that no matter what - or how much - is being cleared, the operator need never come into contact with the debris.

Alternatively, Terra-Vac's rugged All Purpose Sweeper is widely considered the essential choice for ground management. Its large capacity hopper is capable of containing up to 6.0cu.m of horse-droppings, grass clippings and other waste. With its two telescopic cylinders for accurate emptying into trailers, skips or heaps, the All Purpose Sweeper makes the job of clearing extensive areas such as show-grounds quick and easy from start to finish.

Terra-Vac's commitment to investing in the durability, ease of maintenance, reliability and safety of each of their machines means that the toil and effort that used to be paddock and pasture management is no more.

For further details and other information please contact Terra-Vac on: 01140 712171 or Fax: 01140 714109. Or visit their web-site or email:


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