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Here at Baileys we pride ourselves on our understanding of the needs of horses and horse owners. We have a hands on approach, so we know the pleasures and the problems associated with keeping horses. One problem is looking good in the yard, the saddle and about town without the need for an extra wardrobe! This is where Baileys offers a solution, with its new range of Practical Clothing.

Horse care can be a rather grubby affair, so the hard wearing, easy wash designs are a real winner in the yard. The Baileys Sweatshirt, in dirt defying bottle green is a real stalwart, as good for mucking out as going out! Ably complemented by the all season T-Shirt and classic Polo-Shirt, these 100% cotton garments can be smart or casual, and always comfortable. More important than looking good around the yard is being safe on your ride, and being safe is being seen in a Baileys high visibility Reflective Waistcoat for all year round peace of mind.

To look at and order any of this practically priced Practical Clothing, and more, log on to our triple award winning website, on:

So from the comfort of your home, you can order practical essentials for you and your horse, from the people who understand the practicalities of owning horses.

We also know that horse ownership isn't all work and no play, and that we do it because it's fun (and we're slightly mad!) so why not meet Baileys' newest equine acquisition, Harry. Harry features in his very own on-line game, "Bung 'im some Baileys!". In the game, the playful Harry darts around the yard, popping up in various different places, waiting for his favorite feed. All you have to do, is follow him round with your mouse, and click on his cheeky face.

Each time you manage to click on Harry, a handful of Baileys is flung to Harry before he dashes off again with a grateful whinny. Each hit is worth a point, so see how accurate you are with a handful of feed! But you have to be quick, Harry doesn't hang around and time is short. Send Harry to friends so you can compare scores, or just have a quick practice while browsing round the regularly up-dated site. Good luck, and remember, Harry is happiest when eating his favorite food, so go on, bung 'im some Baileys!

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