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The FEI Federation Equestre Internationale News

15 February 2002


Michael Freund remains unbeaten

The CAI-W Bordeaux was the fifth station of the eight events FEI World Cup for Four-in-Hand Drivers. Michael Freund, who had only competed once before, in Stuttgart, where he won, remained unbeaten. But as in Stuttgart by Ludwig Weinmayr he had a tough competition, this time by Daniel Würgler of Switzerland. Harry de Ruyter, the winner of Amsterdam, placed third, after being eliminated in the warm-up.

Chester Weber remains in the lead with 27 points, ahead of Freund with 20 points, Weinmayr and de Ruyter with 17 points and Sandmann with 16 points.

The World Cup standings after 5 of 8 competitions:

The 5 Drivers who competed in Bordeaux will compete this weekend in non-World Cup competitions in Vigo, Spain.

1 Chester Weber USA 27
2 Michael Freund GER 20
3 Ludwig Weinmayr GER 17
  Harry de Ruyter NED 17
5 Christoph Sandmann GER 16
6 Gert Schrijvers BEL 8
  Daniel Würgler SUI 8
8 Werner Ulrich SUI 7
9 Ysbrand Chardon NED 6
10 Fredrik Persson SWE 5
11 Tomas Eriksson SWE 3
12 Hansjörg Hammann GER 2
  Ton Monhemius NED 2
14 Patrick Reboulard FRA 1
  Félix Brasseur BEL 1

4 best result to count


The FEI just formed a new Driving Series for Singles, Pairs and Four in Hand in North America. The FEI North American Driving Challenge will be supported by the US company Driving Essentials and the Canadian Freedman Harness.

Five events will be part of the Series in 2002. The three best results will be taken into account to decide the winner of the Award for the best Singles, Pairs and Fours.

The 2002 events of the Series are:

Live Oak, FL (USA) 22-25 March

Bromont, Quebec (CAN) 17-19 May

Blainville, Quebec (CAN) 8-10 June

The Laurels at Landhope, PA (USA) 6-8 September

Gladstone, NJ (USA) 11-13 October


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