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Animal Health 4Life Products from 4Life Research

“There is virtually no scenario in which the veterinary patient will not benefit from the use of Transfer Factor Plus* found in the Animal Health 4Life* products.”

Dr. Bill DeWitt, DVM
Auburn University of Veterinary Medicine
1999 Alabama Veterinarian of the Year

These new products from 4Life Research* provide one step nutrition for improved joint health and flexibility, more energy, healthier coats, stronger bones and superior immune strength. They consist of a premix nutritional product that contains a combination of over 100 vitamins, minerals, trace elements, essential fatty acids, amino acids, probiotics and other nutrients. These products will address an animal’s nutritional deficiencies and imbalances that exist, regardless of the diet being fed or the environmental situation.

“For the past 32 years, my focus has been directed toward environmental variances that affect the nutritional health of companion animals as well as animals in the livestock industry. By analyzing soil, water, forage, grain, blood, and hair, then combining these findings with clinical observation, I have been able to draw conclusions that allowed me to formulate diets that correct a wide range of nutritional deficiencies and excesses. The experience I have gained by working closely with my clients to design customized diets led to creating a premix that would address these same situations without having to customize each one. Development of this premix led me into a relationship with 4Life Research and Transfer Factor Plus*. After adding Transfer Factor Plus* to my product line, I feel that the missing puzzle piece, the missing link, has fallen into place.”

Dr. Joe Ramaekers DVM
University of Nebraska Bachelor of Science Degree
University of Missouri Doctor of Veterinary Medicine Degree
Formulator of the new Animal Health 4Life Products

What is Transfer Factor Plus*?

Transfer Factor is a safe substance for all animals. Transfer factors are the primary means of communication used by your animal’s immune system. Transfer factors are small molecules that consist of specific sequences of amino acids. Naturally occurring in all mammals, transfer factors are passed from mother to newborn through the first milk called colostrum. They then educate the newborn’s immune system against dangerous microbial threats.

Because transfer factors are not species specific, they are equally as effective in all animals no matter what their species. Through a special process concentrated transfer factors are extracted from bovine (cow) colostrum and used to develop Transfer Factor Plus* which assists in activating and balancing immune system function. A cow has her nose down in the environment, she is exposed to countless pathogens, and she builds immunities and transfers these to her baby through her colostrum. We are able to borrow these immunities.

“I began to research transfer factors and found that over 3000 scientific papers supported their validity and efficacy, which gave me the confidence to begin using 4Life Transfer Factor. In initial trials on foals with pneumonia, diarrhea and infectious arthritis, the results were so dramatic it was obvious to me that Transfer Factor* would impact veterinary medicine in a way that could literally revolutionize our approach to dealing with certain diseases.

Shortly after that I tried it in two gray mares afflicted with multiple melanomas. After approximately 4 months there was complete resolution of these tumors.

The results have overwhelmed me. In the 33 years I have been in practice, I have never seen a product that produced the positive overall results I see with Transfer Factor Plus.”

Dr. Steve Slagle DVM
University of California Veterinary Medicine Degree
Equine practitioner for 33 years

In a independent laboratory analysis Transfer Factor Plus* was tested against 197 known immune boosting substances and compounds, results showed that Transfer Factor Plus* increased the Natural Killer cell activity 248% above the normal immune response without supplementation. These results are unprecedented in medical literature.

There are four Animal Health 4Life Formulas, Canine, Feline, Equine, and Animal Stress Pack. Some of the conditions in which we have seen complete resolution or improve quality of life in our animal population using these products are Cushing’s Syndrome, hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism, benign tumors, malignancies, FeLV, FIV, FIP, skin conditions, viremias, bacteremias, wound management, post-surgery recovery, feedlot problems associated with shipping fever, avian and poultry diseases, swine diseases, EPM, navicular diseases, acute and chronic laminitis, and equine pulmonary emphysema (heaves), and many, many others. The expression “the tip of the iceberg” applies here.

“Over the past few months, I have found significant application and response in our equine sport horse practice to the Animal Health 4Life Products. They have added a new dimension to the medical arsenal that we now have available, I would encourage all equine practitioners and animal owners to familiarize themselves with these products and to give serious consideration to their use in the areas of adjunctive therapy and preventive medicine.”

Dr. Russ Peterson DVM
Peninsular Equine and Star Equine Medical Centers
Menlo Park, California

Formulated in cooperation with top veterinarians and breeders, the TF Animal products help ensure superior health for cats, dogs, and horses, (all animals) throughout all stages of life. Along with an improved immune response, these all-in-one supplements will provide:

*A beautiful “show coat” appearance in 30-60 days

*Stronger bones

*Improved joint health and flexibility

*An increase in energy and stamina

*Restoration and maintenance of muscle integrity

If you would like more information please contact me, phone, fax, mail, email.

Patsy Tihista
NSR 67 Box 226
Nashua, Montana 59248
406-785-2321 ph
406-785-2322 fax

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