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Hobby Horse Tours

As the sport of Dressage is gaining in popularity above any other
equestrian venue the demand for experienced trainers and schoolmaster
horses is greater than ever before.

Anke Matthiessen, Equestrian Tour Manager of Hobby Horse Tours, Inc.: "I
have talked to many very ambitious dressage riders in the US, but in
several areas of the United States there is a shortage of knowledgeable
dressage trainers. The situation is even more difficult when it comes to
'schoolmaster horses'. Even second level horses are hard to come by as
school horses. The lack of well-trained school horses makes it very
difficult for the lower level rider to know what a shoulder-in; a leg yield
or a collected trot should feel like. Most riders are in the situation of
having to train their own horse without ever having experienced the correct
movements on a seasoned and expertly trained dressage horse. For riders
trying to move up to FEI levels it becomes even more critical - it is very
difficult to train a horse to do a canter pirouette, or a passage if both -
rider and horse have never done it before!"

Germany is where Dressage has been an established equestrian sport for
centuries. Quality school horses are available for the students of
dressage. The selection process for horses as well as humans good enough to
"make the cut" in this sport is rigid. Aspiring instructors have to
complete years of training followed by extensive exams before the German FN
can certify them.

Have you ever considered training in the homeland of Hanoverians,
Oldenburgs, Holsteiners and the other so successful dressage breeds?

There are some new and exiting opportunities for the serious equestrian
enthusiast to train with some of Germany's top trainers in Germany!

Mr. Hans Biss is a well-known trainer in Germany and internationally. He
regularly judges dressage competitions up to Grand Prix level in Europe and
the US. His Holsteiner "Reinald" was a reserve horse in the Olympic games
in Mexico. In a 1999 letter Mr. John H. Fritz, Executive Vice President
Emeritus of USET writes: "As his curriculum vitae makes clear, Herr Biss
has a distinguished record in Germany which is the leading dressage nation
in the world. We have no American trainers who have qualifications equal to
his". And Dr. Reiner Klimke writes in a letter of August 1999: "I have no
hesitation stating that Mr. Hans Biss is a person of extraordinary ability
and sustained international accomplishment in the field of international

Through Hobby Horse Tours, Inc., Mr. Biss is now available for private
lessons at his facility in Germany. There are three outstanding Hanoverian
horses available to teach upper level dressage skills. Part of the complex
are an indoor arena with viewing area, an outdoor arena and a lunging
circle. Mr. Biss does speak English and lessons are conducted in English.

Riders can be accommodated directly at the farm in a comfortable apartment
or at a hotel a few steps away. Accompanying non riders are also welcome!
Within walking distance are the small town, restaurants, and grocery
stores. The farm is located at the edge of a lush green forest. Within easy
driving distance or within easy reach by public transportation is the city
of Hamburg with theatres, department stores, and historic sites-; and of
course the breeding- training and auction sites of several warmblood breeds.

The standard package includes 11nights accommodations and 20 private
These one-on-one lessons for "4th level or above" riders are on PSG and GP
horses with Hans Biss. This program is ideal for riders trying to make the
"jump" from 4th level to FEI levels or for students looking to perfect
their upper level scores with the help of talented horses.

Personalized round trip transportation from Hamburg airport-farm or hotel,
20 private lessons on FEI level horses with Hans Biss, insurance,
accommodations, equestrian info package are included in this very intensive
training program package, which is available for $2920.

Another great opportunity to improve dressage skills on excellent school
horses is the "Salute" program offered by Hobby Horse Tours, Inc.

The setting is a privately owned training facility in the hills of
Westphalia, the area where the Westphalian horse originated. The same
family has owned the farm since the 16th century. - It was a horse breeding
facility even then.

You will find a training- and breeding farm that has been restored
beautifully with the modern additions of a light indoor arena, airy stalls
for about 30 horses, outdoor training areas and a cozy café. Horses are
raised and trained keeping in mind their wellbeing by providing a natural
environment with ample of turnout in the herd. Young horses and upper
level dressage horses are trained based on the principles of the old
masters. Emphasis is given to preserve and enhance health, endurance and
special talents of each horse. Classical in-hand work and free jumping are
an important part of the training process. About 6 of the horses are
trained to 4th level. The instructors are certified at the highest
instructor level available by the German FN, and do speak English.
Customized theory sessions will give the trainer a chance to explain
movements and techniques in detail.

The farm regularly welcomes students from all over the world. Riders are
able to study dressage in a friendly family environment. Accompanying
non-riders are also welcome! Riders and guests can either stay at the farm
in a spacious and comfortable apartment or at a nearby hotel. Several
different training packages are available, for example: 7 nights, 10
private lessons, +2 theory lessons one rider: $1490, two riders: $1250 per

For further questions about these programs and other locations in Germany
we are offering please contact Anke Matthiessen, Hobby Horse Tours, Inc.,
P.O. Box 10426, Brooksville, FL 34603 Phone 352-799-0133


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