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Hunter’s Fly Off Band

It’ll soon be that time of year when flies, midges, ticks and all sorts of other horrid things start to make your horse’s life itchy and miserable throughout the summer months, so this brand new product from Hunter Horsecare is really welcome.

Hunter’s Fly Off Band is a splendidly simple idea to bring relief during the warmer months: it fits neatly onto the existing head collar or bridle and is fully adjustable to be as comfy and as non-snag as possible. Quick-release Velcro fastening ensures that it fits easily and snugly, offering welcome protection to those vulnerable areas around the mouth, nose, ears and eyes, which get really irritated.

The Fly Off Band brings relief for more than a few short weeks, too, as it’s refillable. This makes it very effective and affordable, because you only use as much repellent solution as you need at any one time, so it’s ideal for any climate. Hunter’s fly repellent solution has a slow release action, is clean and effective, and helps to deter all disease carrying flies and insects while soothing the discomfort of minor skin irritations and bites. Its long lasting action means that it is also very effective around stables and in horse boxes.

Hunter’s Fly Off Band is ideal for most horses, cobs and ponies (believe it or not, it fits donkeys, Llamas and Alpacas, too!) and can be used as a noseband or a browband. It comes in a clearview pack with a 120ml bottle of Hunter Fly Repellent, refills of which are easily available, and is a welcome addition to the current range of Hunter Horsecare fly repellent products which includes the new long-lasting Fly Off Gel spray.

The Fly Off Band pack will normally retail at £5.99, but it’s now available at a special promotional price of £4.99. For your nearest stockist, contact Pet & Garden Manufacturing on 01659 50141 (Fax 01659 50142), or email them at You can also see the full equestrian, pet, garden and home ranges on their website at

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