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Organic Herbal Supplements from Natural Dynamics

Natural Dynamics, the specialists in natural health care products, have launched a range of liquid herbal supplements - formulated specifically for the equestrian market. Richard Balfry, managing director of New Equine Wear, the leading manufacturer of protective leg wear for horses, launched Natural Dynamics three years ago to develop, manufacture and market natural health products for humans and pets as well as equines. He has worked with top herbalists and equine specialist vets to find ways of assisting horses with each of the more common problems.

Each new supplement contains one hundred per cent natural ingredients, and most are entirely organic.

Each formula utilises the potent extracts from natural fine herbs, all selected for their unquestioned ability to soothe, comfort and assist equines to cope with symptoms and maintain good health.

All the supplements are water based, to ensure maximum safe gut absorption. Each contains only natural organic acid preservatives. All formulations include Cider Apple Vinegar, regarded by equestrian experts the world over as the ideal health supplement and tonic, for top condition.

There are seven products:
* Bute substitute
* Supplement-Joint formula (with MSM and Glucoseamine)
* Calmer
* Leg, Foot and Hoof formula
* Hormone Balancer
* Immune System Booster
* Respiratory formula
All are produced by Natural Dynamics in Wiltshire

"Taking good care of your horse comes naturally to most riders." Says Richard Balfry. "We believe these liquid herbal supplements are the preferred "natural" choice of both horses and owners."

None of these products contains any banned substances under current Jockey Club and FEI rules.

All the new organic health supplements will be available from good tack shops and saddlers in one litre and four two litre sizes from early March. Prices range from £15.50 to £25.00 per litre.



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