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National Disability Sports Alliance Seeks Horses To Prepare For 2004 Paralympic Gamers In Athens

KINGSTON, RI—February 4, 2002—The National Disability Sports
Alliance (NDSA) invites horse-owners to make their competitive horses
available for use by the country’s top riders who have a disability, with an
eye towards competing in the next Paralympic Games in Athens, Greece in

Many of the nation’s leading riders with a disability do not
have a quality dressage horse to ride consistently, limiting their ability
to succeed at the highest levels of international competition. Just as
horse-owners develop partnerships with the nation’s best able-bodied riders,
and then see their horses ride for medals in the Olympic Games, owners can
do the same for our nation’s top riders who have a disability.
Horses are needed to be matched with top riders soon, to give
each horse-and-rider pair the time needed to train together and compete in
NDSA championships, selection trials, and then maybe on the United States’
team for the 2003 World Championships and then onto the 2004 Paralympic
Games, held right after the Olympic Games at the Olympic venues.
“These are excellent dressage riders who just happen to have a
physical disability,” said Denise Avolio, Director of the Equestrian
discipline for NDSA. “Much as owners match their competitive horses with
top riders in all other branches of our sport, we look to do the same with
our riders,” she added.

The National Disability Sports Alliance (NDSA) acts as the
National Governing Body for Equestrian competition for riders with
disabilities. NDSA works closely with both USA Equestrian and USET to
provide opportunities for riders with disabilities within the “able-bodied”

NDSA is responsible for conduct and administration of approved sports in the
United States. NDSA formulates the rules, implements policies and
procedures, conducts national championships in twelve sports, disseminates
safety and sports medicine information and selects the athletes to represent
the United States in international competition. NDSA is a CBO (Community
Based Organization) member of the United States Olympic Committee (USOC).
Horse owners interested in learning more about the opportunity to partner a
horse with a rider with a disability should call Denise Avolio at (914)
949-8166, or email or
For more information on the NDSA, visit

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