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The Mysterious And Ancient World Of The Nagsman

Pickmere Stud are pleased to announce the launch of their new website
which can be seen at

"His Neigh Is Like The Bidding Of A Monarch, And His Countenance
Enforces Homage. He Is Indeed A Horse."

Ever since men (and woman) first worked with horses many centuries
ago the Egyptian, Roman, American, Indian, Mongol, Spanish, Irish,
Germanic, British and legions more have discovered the secrets of our
Equine friends. In Britain these secrets were passed from generation
to generation by The Nagsman who lived and breathed horses and
through many long hours of toil and labour and love discovered the
best ways to motivate, handle and control the horse.

The Nagsman was a breed apart, he devoted his entire life to the
horse and through his own experience and that of his forbearers
became as one with the equine. Sadly today few Nagsmen remain and the
secrets that they hold all to frequently die with them. In the modern
world there little room for Nagsmen and they are disappearing from
our midst. When the last Nagsman dies the equine world will be a much
poorer place

Pickmere has thirty years' experience of show animals, during the
last thirteen years the partnership of Pat Mather and John Keleher
has made it one of the U.K.'s top showing studs.

See the nagsman page at


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