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For The Riding Boot Buyer: Read This, It May Change Your Life!

Suffering from back problems whilst in the saddle?

Most riders are not aware that many of the back problems stem from the feet caused by the incorrect balance in riding boots.

Having to push the heels down forcibly whilst at the same time trying to keep control over your feet in the stirrup, puts a lot of strain on all the muscles and joints below the belt including the lower back. As our bodies were not designed to endure such continuous strain, something will have to give.

Many riders are hardly aware that subconsciously they adjust the foot position in the stirrup continuously in order to keep control over the feet.

This is because almost all riding boots are balanced as fashion footwear with the sole to ground contact about 1 to 1½ inch behind the ball of the foot.

Whilst this may be ideal for walking, when in the saddle, even with applying some pressure, it makes it difficult to keep the foot steady in the stirrup iron.

When you try to put your foot in the correct position flat on the tread plate of the stirrup iron, the boot forces the heel to come up.

But when you the try to push your heel down, the boot forces the toes to rise, disengaging most of the contact with the tread plate of the stirrup iron. Upon close examination you will find that the foot just rests onto the inner edge of the tread plate. In severe cases, only by putting the iron in front of the ball of the foot, can you maintain for a little while some form of control over the foot, but that will make the position even more precarious and increases the body stresses even more.

Even when you have become used to riding like that through many years of practice, it is bad for your body and uncomfortable and it is the imbalance in the boot that is the source of the problem.

Subconsciously riders will move the foot every 20 or 30 seconds in the hope of finding a more comfortable position in the stirrup.

The poor alignment has an adverse effect not only on the foot position, but also it puts additional stress on the muscles, knee joints and works itself upwards to the lower back.

Equitector has found the solution to this problem. The Equitector Easy Rider Balance System avoids the stress and will ease your aches and pains considerably.

Our system aligns the heel inside the boot with the tread plate of the stirrup.

The foot is now balanced and the downward pressure caused by the imbalance has been removed. Your lower limbs are now in a natural position and no longer do you have to push your heels down forcibly. Your iron will be on the ball of the foot and your heels will not longer rise.

Irrespective of the leg position and without applying any undue pressure, the alignment is maintained and the foot will stay in the correct position in the stirrup iron, naturally. All the muscles and joints below the belt are now much more relaxed, relieving much of the pressure on the lower back

The riding position has also become more secure and when difficulties occur, the rider is less likely to be thrown.

But there is only one way to find out if the above is just another marketing ploy or a true solution. We challenge you!

Buy a pair and try it for yourself.

All Equitector riding boots have the Easy Rider Balance System which gives you that superior ride.

Equitector boots are designed by horse riders and are the only boots on the market designed for Comfort, Health and Safety on the ground as well as in the saddle.

Pammy Hutton, International dressage rider and owner of Talland school of Equititation endorses Equitector Riding boots.

Equitector boots are tough boots for a tough job.

Water proof, Rot proof, Hoof proof and Chill proof.

For further information on the Equitector Range, please visit:

Fax 01933 228179
01933 273800


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