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TopSpec Laminitis Helpline

The TopSpec Laminitis helpline has already been very busy this year following prolonged spells of frost.
Recent research has shown that increased acidity within the hindgut makes its walls more permeable ('leaky') and 'laminitis trigger factors' escape into the bloodstream and trigger laminitis.

This helps to explain why lush or frosted grazing has to be limited for horses and ponies susceptible to laminitis

Fibre-digesting bacteria in the horse's hindgut thrive in a near-neutral environment. If carbohydrate overload into the hindgut (from too much intake of grass or cereal-based feed) occurs, sugar and starch digesting bacteria flourish, producing lactic acid, and so increasing the acidity of the hindgut contents.

Therefore in those cases where a digestive upset is the cause of an attack of laminitis the helpline advice will centre on re-establishing the correct bacterial population and therefore the correct acidity in the hindgut.

TopSpec Comprehensive supplement is a superb supplement for the nutritional support of horses and ponies susceptible to or recovering from laminitis.

TopSpec Comprehensive consists of a top specification broad-spectrum supplement expertly blended with the levels of micronutrients found in the most commonly needed specialised supplements plus yeast products to help maintain correct acidity in the hindgut.

This means that it is the most fully comprehensive supplement you can feed to a laminitic horse or pony and it offers nutritional support for recovery from every known angle.

TopSpec Comprehensive is uniquely effective because it combines many helpful features:

" A new form of pure, protected yeast that creates beneficial conditions for the growth of fibre digesting (cellulolytic) bacteria in the hindgut. Recent research has demonstrated that this new form of yeast can help prevent a dangerous increase in acidity. Our helpline nutritionists also recommend a high-fibre, low sugar and starch diet to help correct hindgut acidity.

" Mannan oligosaccharides, which bond with pathogenic (undesirable) bacteria, removing them from the gut, leaving the beneficial, fibre-digesting, bacteria free to multiply.

" A fully comprehensive range of vitamins, minerals, trace-elements and amino-acids included at the optimum levels needed in the most stressful situations, which is vital for horses and ponies on restricted rations, both for normal metabolism and to enable natural tissue repair to take place.

" An effective level of biotin (15mg/100g), which in association with the methionine, lysine, calcium, zinc, copper, iodine, and vitamin A present will greatly improve the quality of new hoof growth and strengthen the bonds between the laminae.

" Powerful levels of antioxidants including vitamins A, C and E plus selenium to help reduce the undesirable effects caused in a stressed system.

In order to be effective TopSpec Comprehensive must be used in conjunction with a sensible feeding and management programme. TopSpec's nutritionists provide unlimited free advice about nutrition and management, tailored to the needs of your horse or pony, whether or not any product is ultimately purchased.

TopSpec Laminitis Helpline no: 0870-240-6596

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