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Special saving to make on your horses' condition

Are you looking for that special saving on a bag of feed that will help your pocket and your horses' condition at the same time?

If the answer's 'yes', then don't delay. Get down to your local merchant where you will find a special offer worth £1 off every bag of Hickstead Horse Feeds' Condition Mix or Cubes sold before the end of April.

This is the time of year when you may see your horse is losing weight, so put aside a few minutes every week to assess his body condition, using a weigh tape and condition scoring.

To eliminate any of the external issues, assess potential worm burdens, and have teeth checked. If necessary, reconsider your horse's daily management routine, ensuring you eliminate stress.

Next, ask yourself whether you are feeding enough, of the correct type, of feed for the work your horse is undertaking.

Condition Mix and Cubes are ideal rations for this time of year - and they're currently on special offer if you pick up a money-off voucher from your local feed merchant. As well as offering a cost-effective feed, remember that Hickstead Horse Feeds' rations will:

" Tempt the fussiest eater;
" Contain generous levels of cooked soya to ensure optimum digestibility. The amino acid profile provides 13% protein in Condition Mix and 16% in Condition Cubes, promoting top-line, muscle development and weight gain;
" Contain added soya oil that provides an overall oil content of 5.5% in Condition Mix and 7% in Condition Cubes, enhancing coat and body condition.
" Include soya hulls that offer high digestible fibre that, in turn, provides safe, slow release stamina energy, ideal for flighty horses.
" The Condition Mix includes alfalfa chop which increases the fibre content to a healthy 10.5%.
" Offer a full compliment of minerals and vitamins, which means no extra supplement needs to be provided, making Hickstead Condition Mix and Cubes complete balanced feeds.

To find out more about Hickstead Horse Feeds, or where to find their feeds, or for friendly, professional feeding advice, please phone 0845 0250 444.




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