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Dansk Varmblod - The National Stallion Show 2001

More than thrirty thousand visitors found their way to Danish Warmblood's annual Stallion Grading show in Herning Exhibition Centre where 250 horses were presented in shows, gradings and competitions. The event was again attended by the Protector of the association, the Danish Princess Benedikte of Berleburg accompanied by Prince Richard, Prince Gustav and Princess Nathalie.

Head of Danish Warmblood's grading committee Poul Graugaard proclaimed that the collection of 3 years old stallions is predominently showing a lot of well moving youngsters, some of them with great potential for the big time dressage ring. A couple of very good jumping stallions were also approved in Herning this year but there was no specific jumping star to be found in this year's crop.

The three years old Champion 2001 was the exceptionally large-framed and elegant black stallion Zardin Firfod by Gribaldi out of the gold medal awarded mare Zawanne Firfod by Schwadroneur. Zardin is fine in type and showed very roomy and elastic movements every time he was presented and showed himself in very calm and sure manner.

Runner-up was a very charming chestnut with an interesting pedigree. Fairy Tale is out of an angloarabian mare by the French stallion Fado du Chatillon, purchased by Fairy Tale's breeder for the specific purpose of breeding his anglo arabian mares and with this smart son his mission seems to be successful. Fairy Tale is very modern in type, a smooth mover and among the best jumpers this year.

Nothing less than six young stallions were awarded as premium stallions among the 23 graded three year olds. They are as follows:

Catalogue number 45 Zardin Firfod by Gribaldi and out of Zawanne Firfod by Schwadroneur. Breeder and owner: Morgen Plenborg, Sakskøbing.

Catalogue number 6 Fairy-Tale by Fado du Chatillon and out of Absis X by Abasalon OX DSAH. Opdrætter og Owner: Niels Hausgaard, Hundelev

Catalogue number 14 Ramazotti by Blue Hors Romancier and out of Valentina, by Allegro. Breeder: Karin Thøgersen, Bramming. Owner: Blue Hors ApS,
Catalogue number 32 Don by Donnergraf and out of Diva by Cannon Row XX. Breeder: Gunnar Bach, Randers. Owner: Susan Mørch, Vivi og Morten Thomsen,
Catalogue number 39 Figaro by Ferro and out of Grendalin by Leandro. Breeder: Jørgen Ravn, Holsted. Owner: Henrik Hansen og J.E. Marcussen. Catalogue number Thorsøs Ravel by Robin and out of Mon Amour by Mon-Ami. Breeder: Gustav og Lise Thorsø Mohr, Hadsund. Owner: Thorsø Herregård, Norge

As many as ten stallions among those who passed last years performance test were graded and permitted to cover for another three seasons before presented to the grading committee again. These ten stallions all had high scores in either dressage or jumping at their performance test which means that the quality level of the 4 years olds was very high.

Mr. Ib Kirk's newly purchased young stallion Weltjunge by Weltmeyer/Matcho X became best 4 years old stallion. He might not be the most important type of stallion but he is very refined, highly modern and posseses three basic gaits that are desirable for any dressage Sire.

Runner-up was the winner of the performance test, Bøgelys Camaro by Carpaccio/Ahorn Z who is a much stronger stallion and less modern type but well functioning and who forms himself rightly under his rider. Cape Town S became winner of the much coveted price Best Danish 4 yr Old. He is a beautiful, bay son of Caletto I out of a Lagano daughter. He is an exceptional jumper that also moves impressively.

4 years olds:

Winner: Kat. 118 - Weltjunge, Sire: Weltmeyer, M: Matcho's Girl, Grandsire:
Matcho X. Breeder: Germany. Owner: Ellinor og Jens Peter Aggesen, Vojens
Kat. 106 - Bøgelys Camarro, Sire: Carpaccio M: Zaligula, Grandsire: Ahorn Z.
Breeder: Germany. Owner: Poul Erik Nielsen, Gredstedbro.
Kat. 107 - Capetown S, Sire: Caletto I, M: Lady Madonna, Grandsire: Lagano.
Breeder: Flemming og Bettina Schultz, Bolderslev. Owner: Kari og Jack Munch
Christiansen, Gram.
Kat. 114 - Solos Caliber, SIRE: Castro, M: Lacina, GRANDSIRE: Lagano.
Breeder: Peter Jensen Holm, Løgumkloster. Owner: Barbro og Lorenz Linnet,
Kat. 111 - Martinique, SIRE: Michellino, M: Manilla-Bell, GRANDSIRE:
Manstein. Breeder: Jesper Kristensen, Tjæreborg. Owner: Helle Hansen, Ribe
Kat. 109 - Kaiser Wilhelm, SIRE: Lehndorff's, M: Kandia III, GRANDSIRE:
Mahagoni, Breeder: Herbert Schuemann, Germany. Owner: York Stutteri,
Kat. 116 - Travell, SIRE: Abisko, M: Taenzerin V, GRANDSIRE: Consul.
Breeder: Germany. Owner: Jørgen Steen Jensen, Langå
Kat. 113 - Solos Accord, SIRE: AcordII, M: Farara, GRANDSIRE: Romino.
Breeder: Germany. Owner: Barbro og Lorenz Linnet, Vojens

5 years and older stallions.

A handsome son of the world famous Westphalian Sire Florestan took first place in the group of stallions aged 5 or older. Blue Hors Future Cup is a talented mover that was highly placed in the German championships as well as he won his performance test in Denmark as best dressage horse. He completes the list of very attractive dressage horses in Blue Hors Dressage.

Kat. 122 - Blue Hors Future Cup, SIRE: Florestan I, M: Disco-Lady, GRANDSIRE: Disco-Star. Breeder: Germany. Owner: Blue Hors ApS, Randbøl. Kat. 128 - Gipsy D'Ask, SIRE: Le Gondeen, M: Gnomide, GRANDSIRE: Quastor. Breeder: Frankrig. Owner: Stutteri Ask, Martofte

At the end of the day Herning showed an impressive collection of well-bred and well-trained stallions, probably making it hard for many breeders to make their final choice.

Stallion of the Year 2001

The Danish Warmblood stallion Lando, Olympic silver medal winner in Sidney and now owned by international stallion keeper, Paul Schockemöhle, was invited to Herning for a special performance. The international performance of this magnificent stallion has been of incredible importance to Danish Warmblood and at the occassion of the stallion grading in Herning he was further decorated with the title "Stallion of the Year 2001" which he took over from the German trakehner Schwadroneur. Lando has recently obtained remarkable results with his new rider Otto Becker in a Grand Prix jumping in Paris.

As a new initiative DWB has launched an auction of three years old stallions. Although the auction was not such a big success DWB is committed to continue this event and is planning to work on a better marketing for next years auction. Highest bid was obtained for the stallion Cajero by Come Back II who was sold for the amount of 190.000 DKK. A total of 1. 025.000 DKK was paid for the eight stallions that were sold at DWB's first stallion auction.

The championship for young horses had a sensational result as the all round winner Capuccino D. became best dressage horse as well as best jumper among the 43 five year old horses. Capuccino D. is a grey gelding by the holsteiner stallion Carano which had several entries among the best placed horses. Carano himself was highly placed in several jumping classes in Herning. Capuccino is bred by Ingrid Dahlmann and ridden by Sanne Henningsen who has actually won this championship several times before. Capuccino by Carano is out of a mare by Hanoverian stallion Avanti.

It has been officially informed at the national stallion show that the World Cup Dressage final is still to take place at Vilhelmsborg on 6-8 April 2001 as planned.

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