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Easibed “A fantastic breakthrough - it really is dust free!”- Di Lampard

International showjumper Di Lampard has become one of the first large-scale users of the all-new easibed finely shredded wood fibre bedding for animals and in a new sponsorship deal, will be supplied with the product for all horses in her yard - a product she describes as “A fantastic breakthrough in bedding as it really is dust free!”

Launched recently by established Manchester company Hadfields Forest-Friendly Products, easibed is made entirely from finely shredded wood fibre and offers an economic alternative to existing bedding products.

Di comments, “We have used it for over two months now and the whole environment of the stables is cleaner. We don’t have as much waste and that means better economics, added to which it’s cheaper on a weight-for-weight basis than other bedding we’ve used.”

easibed Sales Manager Alan Scott, who is currently working to establish the distribution network, confirmed, “We’re pleased to be able to help one of Britain’s leading international showjumpers and delighted that Di has so quickly recognised the benefits to her horses of significantly reducing the dust in their stable environment.

“This is an issue of great importance to everyone who keeps horses, especially to those who enjoy competition and easibed can really make a difference.”

Eventing and showing competitors will get an opportunity to experience the proven benefits of easibed as the company has also signed a major sponsorship deal with the organisers of the Armathwaite Hall Strongid-P Horse Trials & Country Fair.

easibed will be provided for all of the event’s 200-plus stables over the weekend of July 20th/21st and 22nd, when the much-reduced dust levels and time-saving benefits of the product are sure to be well received by competitors and grooms alike.

Event joint organiser Frank Hewitt-Smith announced the new sponsorship with easibed, saying, “We have found significant cost savings in the two months we’ve used the product on the 40-horse yard here at Armathwaite Hall, not to mention less time required for mucking out!

“We’re delighted to welcome easibed to our event as we’re absolutely sure that top level competitors will appreciate what a big step forward this new type of bedding is - their horses will undoubtedly benefit too - but I do just wonder what the racing camels will make of it!”

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