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Equilibra Getting the Feed Balance Right


Economical, Effective, Easy

Equilibra has been scientifically formulated, to incorporate all the essential nutrients your horse or pony requires, to achieve and maintain peak condition.

Good top-line, excellent coat condition, brighter eyes, improved hoof quality, strong dense bones, stable temperament, reduced stress level, are but a few of the benefits that horse owners around the world say about their horses when fed Equilibra.

Specifically designed to be fed throughout the year, Equilibra provides two primary functions within the digestive system of your horse to ensure health and vitality.

Firstly, by encouraging and maintaining a high proportion of beneficial micro-flora within the hind gut, harmful bacteria are cleared, thus eliminating unwelcome toxins from the digestive system. Then, by breaking down high levels of fibre and cellulose found in forage, these micro-flora act as a catalyst, allowing a much greater percentage of the nutrients from the feed to be absorbed.

Feeding Equilibra is simple and cost effective. At just £29.50 per 20Kg bag and at a recommended feeding level e.g. 500gms per day for a 14hh/16.2hh horse, Equilibra will last 40 days, that's just under 74pence per day!! Expensive hard feeds can be reduced considerably or removed completely.

Feed Equilibra, and see your feed bills reduce dramatically, whilst the condition and performance of your horse/pony increases.

For further information or feeding advice please contact Gro-Well Feeds Ltd on

Tel. 01225 708 482 or visit

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