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Equine Supplement Supply

March 5, 2001

Equine Supplement Supply has recently launched a web site dedicated completely to Equine vitamin, mineral, herbal & specialty dietary supplements. Equine Supplement Supply, a millennium company, was founded to offer horsepeople a place to purchase supplements similar to the "human health food store". It's not the huge tack catalogue that sells anything horse related. They specialize in one thing only, horse supplements. Products are grouped by category so you can effectively compare several "Joint Supplements" or "Multi Vitamins " in one place. If the information you find on the web is not specific enough, the customer service department has many resources to help you further in your search for the correct supplement for you horse. Although Equine Supplement Supply is not a veterinary web site, it has much to offer in comparison of guaranteed analysis and product ingredients, something you don't find in the big tack catalogue. In the future, you will even be able to browse comments and notes from other horsepeople who have had experience with various supplements.

Equine Supplement Supply offers a large selection of supplements from both large and small manufactures and is always up on the latest in what the equine supplement industry has to offer. Got a picky equine? You can even get free samples for your horse to taste.

In early 2001, Equine Supplement Supply announced the launch of their "Pony Pennies" program. When you purchase your supplements from Equine Supplement Supply you earn free "Pony Pennies", you can collect them and redeem them for free barn gear. The freebie list includes a variety of items from shampoo to sheets. Now feeding supplements benefits both the horse and the barn!

For more information or to visit Equine Supplement Supply, log on to

Their new catalogue comes out in just a few weeks, call 1-888-350-1966 to reserve your copy.

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