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Purina Mills Introduces Improved Omolene with Controlled Energy™

ST. LOUIS (March 8, 2001) - This spring, horse owners changing from their cold-weather to warm-weather feeding programs will have a new choice as Purina Mills introduces improved formulations of Omolene®, America's most trusted horse feed.

"Enhancements to the trusted Omolene formulation include improved handling and more 'controlled energy' with less sugar and starch," says JoAnn Fraser, group marketing manager of Purina Mills' Horse Business Group. "Omolene's vitamin profile has also been enhanced for optimal performance without the need for supplements. The improved formulations of Omolene with Controlled Energytm will be available at authorized Purina Mills dealers across the country this spring."

Purina Mills developed the improved Omolene formulation to last longer in warm weather and be easier to handle in cold weather. After extensive analysis at the Purina Mills' Equine Research Facility in Gray Summit, Mo., the improved Omolene formulas were successfully test marketed in Wisconsin and western Texas this past year.

While levels of sugar and starch were reduced in the improved formulation, more energy now comes from vegetable oil. Omolene with Controlled Energy includes all the essential vitamins so that no additional supplements are needed.

> The improved formulations were developed by veterinarians and equine nutrition specialists at the Purina Mills' Equine Research Facility. They referenced extensive market research that provided comments and suggestions from hundreds of horse owners, caretakers and veterinarians. "Most horse owners are emotionally bonded to their horses. This unprecedented research has helped us understand what horses and their human companions want and need in a fortified sweet feed," says Scott King, DVM, manager of the Purina Mills' Equine Research Facility. "We're confident that the improved Omolene feeds are the best sweet feeds ever made available for horses."

Along with the formulation advancements, each Omolene feed is now labeled to indicate its best use for horses. Omolene 100 Active Pleasure is designed for horses used primarily for pleasure riding or light work; 200 Performance is designed for competition, breeding and show horses; while 300 Growth is specially formulated for the needs of foals and lactating mares. The Omolene with Controlled Energy feeds will also feature new packaging to be instantly recognizable.

Purina Mills is America's largest producer and marketer of animal nutrition products. Based in St. Louis, Mo., the company has 49 plants and approximately 2,500 employees nationwide. Purina Mills is permitted to use the trademarks "Purina" and the nine-square Checkerboard logo under a perpetual, royalty-free license agreement from Ralston Purina Company.

Purina Mills is not affiliated with Ralston Purina Company, which distributes Purina Dog Chow brand and Purina Cat Chow brand pet foods.

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