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The KB Bridle by Albion

"If you ever want a perfect performance, then all things must be perfect" - Klaus Balkenhol

The Most Radical Evolutionary Development Since The Bit

For many years, equestrian equipment manufacturers have concentrated on improving the design of the saddle, as it is understood that this item most influences the horse/rider performance. Recent developments in other "influential" areas of equipment such as bitting, artificial aids, etc. have have basically been developed to solve training problems. Albion was invited by Klaus Balkenhol, the then trainer of the German Olympic Team, to investigate the true needs of the horse, in terms of the equipment required, to maximise the willing co-operation of the horse and minimise interference. His approach is to make acute observations of all his student's horses, from condition and fitness, to hooves and shoes and every aspect of equipment. It is these observations that have inspired the radical Albion KB bridle, the most revolutionary innovation of the bridle for generations.

The Promise of Something New

Having established a design concept which was totally endorsed by Klaus, Albion registered a world-wide patent application and produced for testing, a range of prototypes. These prototypes were sent for evaluation to eminent riders in Germany, USA and the UK. Almost by return the reaction was reported - observations were noted on instant improvements in the horses' "self carriage", "steady lightness of contact" and "willing submission". Responses of this nature prompted much deeper investigation into the reason for these instant improvements. Veterinary and physiotherapy investigation showed sound scientific basis for the reactions. These related to pressure problems, commonly found in conventional bridle arrangements, which arise in areas of the poll and behind the ears. Pressures in this area are attributed by many authoritative sources, to be the cause of many problems of resistance including "heavy in the hand", "locking on the bit" and "head shaking".

A Better Way

By examining the new Albion KB bridle, it becomes obvious how the noted problems are relieved -

a) The whole crown "pressure area" is cushioned.
b) The "solid" part of the bridle, which is the broad contact with the cushion, is now a combined noseband hanger and throat lash. (Both are not subjected to any tension from the bit or rein contact.)
c) The headpiece supporting the cheeks (hence the bit) lays on top of a) and b) thus minimising the influence of bit contact pressure over the poll and dispersing this pressure over the maximum possible area.
d) The browband, by conventional judgment is always oversized.

These considerations make a positive contribution to relieving the irritating pressure on the nervous system, located just behind the ears, which is the source of so much resistance.

Our test panel confirmed, without reservation, that the results gained from this "humane" bridle, proved a positive aid to encourage the willing submission of the horse to the riders' instructions.

The Albion KB Bridle will be available in;-

Sizes Cob Full Warmblood
Colour Black Havana Brown  
Quality Working / Competition Luxury  
Rein Types include Rubber lined Nubuck lined Plain
Price from £150 complete

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