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Become “Barn Buff” during April’s Equine Affaire

World champion equestrienne and fitness trainer Emily Harrington headlines clinic on fitness for the equestrian athlete

(Fort Worth, TX) – Two-time American Quarter Horse Association Amateur World Champion and Congress Champion Emily Harrington is bringing a different message to the horse-owning public – a message that emphasizes the physical condition of the rider, not just the horse. She’ll be sharing that message during the Columbus, Ohio, Equine Affaire, April 11-14.

“It’s become more and more apparent to me that most riders do not have the physical stamina they need to enjoy riding their horses,” says Emily. “Many see the act of riding the horse as exercise, but in fact, many muscle groups get ignored or abused, such as the lower back, inner thigh regions and neck and shoulder area. With this simple system, riders will be able to condition their bodies so that soreness and pain will become less of an issue.”

A certified personal trainer through the American Council on Exercise and the National Academy of Sports Medicine, Emily has designed her Barn Buff‘ system to be easily adaptable to the barn environment and to allow riders an opportunity to work out the “kinks” before starting their daily routine with their horses. The owner of Body Balance Fitness based in Aubrey, Texas, Emily already counts among her clients multiple world champion trainer Charlie Cole, sculptor Marrita McMillian and “Horseman’s Radio Weekly” personality Jim Campbell. She has been featured in The Quarter Horse Journal and offers weekly fitness tips on “Horseman’s Radio Weekly.”

Emily will be presenting clinics each day of the Columbus, Ohio, Equine Affaire, April 11-14, where she will introduce the Barn Buff system that utilizes a balance ball and bands. The low impact workout utilizes principles found in yoga and the increasingly popular Pilates, which emphasizes muscular stamina and stretching. The Physical Mind Institute also certifies her in Pilates mat training.

“This system is perfect since the equipment is minimal and the techniques are simple,” she explained. “You can workout practically anywhere, in your home, barn, or on the road, since all the equipment is very portable and lightweight.”

The entire Barn Buff system will be available for purchase at the show and includes a balance ball, bands and a step-by-step guide to eight exercises. The kit retails for $49.95.

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