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Charles Owen Brainwaves With Charles Owen

Sponsorship of a Show is not normally a life and death issue. However Charles Owen was recently approached by Deborah Ward who is a Board Member of the Brain Trauma Foundation in New York. It is the goal of the Brain Trauma Foundation to improve the outcome of all patients suffering from brain injury with implementation of the scientific evidence based protocol that has been developed. Therefore to attract the support of leading International Headwear Manufacturer Charles Owen as a Main Corporate Sponsor was a logical progression and association. In 2002 the 'AA-Rated' Fairfield County Show elected to support the Brain Trauma Foundation charity which was founded in 1986. To approach a headwear manufacturer whose aim it is to protect riders and help to prevent brain injury was the obvious step. Charles Owen has agreed, as post trauma care is also a large concern of theirs and the next step in their commitment to riders worldwide.

The aim of the BTF is to educate the hospitals to use a simple $100.00 procedure which can literally make the difference between life and death. Monitoring the brain pressure is a simple first step in treating head injury and a key part of treatment guidelines supported by the American Association of Neurological Surgeons, the World Health Organisations Head-Injury Committee and the American College of Surgeons.

As in the case of Nicole Ward, (daughter of Deborah Ward who initially approached Charles Owen) the simple procedure of drilling a hole in her skull and inserting a tube to monitor brain pressure and drain spinal fluid, prevented her brain from being injured a second time from swelling, which can be fatal. Nicole's blood pressure was also raised to balance the high brain pressure, therefore ensuring that her brain was receiving adequate supplies of blood and oxygen. Leading Surgeon Dr Ghajar says too many patients die or are left severely disabled because their brain is allowed to swell unchecked, causing more damage than the initial injury. It was Dr Ghajar who saved the life of the 'Central Park Victim' a young pianist who was so brutally attacked and beaten that few thought she would survive. Thanks to his care she did, and six months later played Chopin to Dr Ghajar as a thank you for saving her life.

Charles Owen already works with the British based Charity Headway, and are seeking to forge a link between the two organisations that will further help head injury survivors in the aftermath of an accident. We think it is important that Charles Owen considers the prevention of accidents and the protection of riders to be as vital as the aftercare provided.

For further information please contact Charles Owen on: 01978 317777 or email:
The Brain Trauma Foundation: Tel: 001 212 772 0608 Fax: 001 212 772 0357.


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