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ILPH Not So Perfect Partners

Despite having rehomed nearly two hundred and fifty companions in the last 18
months a leading equine welfare charity is still desperately seeking loving homes for a
further 23.

"All our 5 Centres", comments Nadine Hawkes, Operations Support Manager at the
ILPH (International League for the Protection of Horses), "are full, and we urgently
need to find loving homes for these companions if we are to have the space to accept
new welfare cases."

Lots of horses and ponies every year are loaned out by the ILPH to suitable homes as
riding animals, but others, due to old injuries, bad conformation or health problems,
cannot be ridden so they lead happy useful lives as companions to other horses.
When people are looking for riding or competition animals they are willing to accept
stable vices or small problems especially if the animal is a good performer or is
perfect in every other way. However, when it comes to equine companions, the larger
horses, those with behavioural or minor health problems, are the ones that get left

Gospel's Honour
"Small, problem free ponies that don't eat large quantities of expensive feed are always the first to go, the ones with small problems tend to be left behind," adds Nadine. "Take Gospel's Honour (affectionately known as Knoddy) for example, who's at our Centre in Aboyne, Aberdeenshire, he's a sweet natured horse, who's CHAPS
registered and lives on fresh air, but because he is a rig he can only be turned out with geldings."

If you are interested in loaning one of the companions that others have overlooked
please contact Jenni on 0870 873 1927.

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