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Top Eventers Help Libbys Develop New Training Aid

An innovative training aid devised by two leading event riders has been in a range of webbing tack by leading manufacturers Libbys.

The Lungie Bungie has a strong cord of elastic fitted to the bit with a triggered connector which has a large ring in the centre The aid is then fitted to a lunging roller and there are D-rings on each side which allow for three different tensions.

This new design encourages equal pressure on both sides of the bit and encourages softness and submission in the horse without using any force. It is supplied with separate trigger hooks so that the device can also be used on a saddle while the horse is being ridden.

The Lungie Bungie in use

"It is ideal for use on young horses in their early schooling or on the older horses who need remouthing," says Clayton Fredericks, who worked on the idea with his wife, Lucinda.

The Lungie Bungie is designed primarily for use while lunging but it can also be used on a horse being ridden. "It allows lateral movement of the head and is particularly useful and successful when working on the canter," he says. "The horses find their balance much more quickly."

"This aid can also be used when the horse is being ridden or for very short times in the stable to encourage the horse to develop the muscles enabling it to find self carriage."


The Team Fredericks Range

Team Fredericks Bridle

A smart "traditional" and versatile bridle with all the advantages of a soft web giving an easy-care, washable product, which is also soft against the horse. Made of soft weave, black web, with all buckles in solid brass. The keepers and eyelets are gunmetal black. The bit is attached by a brass snap making it easy and quick to change. It can also be fitted with the more standard buckle fitting.

Team Fredericks Reins

Non-slip grip and with the minimum bulk in the hand. These reins are made of 1ins wide web available in cob (60ins) or Full (70ins) sizes. They have a looped web fitting to the bit to ensure security but with a Velcro connection at the hand for safety. All our reins have rubber grip on the inside and soft web outside.

Team Fredericks Elastic Breast Girth

Made with strong 2ins wide black elastic around the chest with brass fitting to the girth and neck straps and using black keepers and eyelets Both the neck and girth straps have full adjustment. At the centre front is a web loop for inserting the running martingale.

Team Fredericks Running Martingale attachment (to fit Elastic Breast Girth)

Using 1ins web for the girth strap and 0.5ins for the runners. Brass fittings with black keepers and eyelets. Adjustment on the girth body strap.

Team Fredericks Hunting Breast Plate

The neck and girth leaves from a central brass ring at the horse's chest. Fully adjustable neck straps with buckle and eyelet. The straps to the saddle also have buckle and eyelet adjustment. All fittings in brass with black eyelet and keepers.

Team Fredericks Running Attachment (to fit Hunting Breast Plate)

Black web adjustable attachment for use with the hunting breastplate. All fitting in brass with black eyelet and keepers.

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