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Federation Equestre Internationale News

5 March 2003

- FEI Gandini World Jumping Riders Rankings
- FEI BCM World Dressage Riders Rankings
- World Cup Dressage Update
- World Cup Jumping: situation in the leagues
- FEI Children’s Competitions


Ludger Beerbaum (GER) firmly leads the rankings with 3676 points, ahead of Markus Fuchs (SUI), who moved up to the second place ahead of Rodrigo Pessoa (BRA). Fuchs won the World Cup of CSI-W Vigo and earned a total of 145 points in Bordeaux.

Marcus Ehning (GER) exchanged place with his country fellow Otto Becker and is now 4th. The first lady rider, Leslie Howard (USA)went up one place and is now 11th.

There are 27 riders with more than 1000 points in the rankings.

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Ulla Salzgeber (GER) is leading the rankings since January 2000, with this month her highest score ever: 80.108, thanks to her performance in Neumünster, where she was awarded 79.25% in the Grand Prix. Nadine Capellmann (GER) is again second with 78.750, followed by Lisa Wilcox (USA) with 78.395.

The leader of the World Cup Western European League, Monica Theodorescu (GER) enters the Top Ten thanks to her victory in the Grand Prix and Kür of San Patrignano (77.84 % in the Kür) and in the Kür of Neumünster (79.44%). She now have a score of 74.708.

The 2002 BEST HORSE AND RIDER COMBINATION IN DRESSAGE, based on the 2002 results of the FEI BCM Dressage Riders Rankings are now available on the FEI website. Ulla Salzgeber/Rusty 47 (GER) is the best combination, followed by Lisa Wilcox/Relevant 5 (USA) and Nadine Capellmann/Farbenfroh (GER).

complete rankings on


Monica Theodorescu (GER) is leading the standings of the Western European League, with a total of 72 points, ahead of Heike Kemmer (GER) with 62 and Jan Brink (SWE) with 58 points.

The last qualifier of the Western European League will take place from 20 to 23 March in ‘s-Hertogenbosch (NED) before the Final to be held in Göteborg (SWE) the following week. Riders can obtain points at 12 qualifiers, of which a maximum of A 4 events count for the standings.

Until now the following riders qualified for the Final:

Title defender: Ulla Salzgeber (GER)
Central European League: 2 best of the standings Irina Lys (BLR) and Alexandra Korelova (RUS)
Canada: 1 best from the League Final (Shannon Dueck (CAN)
Australia: 1 best from League Final: Ricky McMillan (AUS)
USA: 2 best from League Final: Günter Seidel and George Williams
Wild Card: Debbie Mc Donald (4th at the 2002 World Equestrian Games in Jerez)
Japan: withdrawn

It is the first time in history that three US riders will compete in the Final.

The best 8 riders of the Western European League will be qualified to participate in the Final. Unfortunately, the leader of the standings, Monica Theodorescu, will not be able to participate, due to an accident of her horse the week after Neumünster.

The Chairman of the Dressage Committee, the World Cup Director and the OC will decide on two additional wild card after ‘s-Hertogenbosch. A maximum of three riders per nation are allowed to compete in the Final, with the exception of the title defender.


There are 12 Leagues in the 2002 / 2003 season of the FEI World Cup Jumping

Nine Leagues have ended their qualifications:

- Central Europe, Canada, South America, South Africa, Central Asia, South East Asia, Japan, Australia and New Zealand.

Five Leagues are still going:

Western Europe, USA East Coast and USA West Coast.


Central European League (4 qualified)

138 riders from 23 countries competed in the 16 competitions of the Central European League. They came from all the Central European countries plus from Egypt, Syria, Jordanian and Korea, countries not belonging to a League. In addition there was a US-American, living in Prague. For the first time the League closed with to Indoor competitions, Poznan and Warsaw, both Poland, where 150% of World Cup points could be earned. Czech Petr Dolezal won the League, ahead of Grzegorz Kubiak (POL) and the American living in Prague, Robert Chelberg. All four are expected to compete in Las Vegas.

- Petr Dolezal CZE Beach Girl
- Grzegorz Kubiak POL Orkisz, Diane des Fontenis
- Robert Chelberg USA Aktiv
- Ales Opatrny CZE Hamburg, Silvio, Grand, Crazy Love
1st Reserve : Rein Pill EST Ecuador
2nd Reserve : Oleg Krasiuk UKR Laceful, Seven Up

Canadian League (2 qualified)

There were 6 competitions in the Canadian League where a total of 26 riders competed, including two Colombians and a French living in Canada. Karen Cudmore won the League, ahead of Melissa Brown – both represented Canada at 2002 World Equestrian Games in Jerez (ESP) and are expected to compete in Las Vegas.

- Karen Cudmore CAN Conejo
- Melissa Brown CAN Karolus
1st Reserve: Ian Millar CAN Nicos, Le Chanel, Promise Me, Aftershock
2nd Reserve: Ainsley Vince CAN Kafka, Catch 22

South American League – Southern Part (2 qualified)

Seven competitions have been held in South America: four in Brazilian cities and three in three different sites in Argentina’s capital Buenos Aires. One Argentinean competition had to be cancelled. 87 riders from Brazil, Argentina and Chile competed. The League was won by Vitor Teixeira with 41 points ahead of Gregorio Werthein and Justo Albarracin, both from Argentina and each with 36 points. Teixeira was the League winner already in 1985 / 86, 1986 / 87, 1990 / 91, 1993 / 94, 1998 / 99 and 2000 / 01.

- Vitor Teixera BRA Curioso Aguia
- Gregorio Werthein ARG Jemilion, Calwaro
1st Reserve: Justo Albarracin ARG Graveline du Sivri
2nd Reserve: Marcelo Artiaga de Castro BRA Urie Itapua, Limerick, Nasper

South African League (1 qualified)

Four competitions were held in South Africa, with 22 riders – all South Africans – competing. Ronnie Lawrence, who rode in the 1999 World Cup Final, won the League, ahead of Lynn Piercy,

- Ronnie Lawrence RSA Avis Panache
Reserve : Lynn Piercy RSA Piroli, Avis Ella

Central Asian League (1 qualified)

There were again three competitions in Central Asia: in Bishkek (KGZ), Almaty (KAZ) and Tashkent (UZB). 17 riders from these three countries competed. Sadir Marmitov (KGZ) won the League, ahead of last years winner, Gairat Nazarov (UZB).

- Sadir Marmitov KGZ Langraf
Reserve : Gairat Nazarov UZB Peikam

South East Asian League (1 qualified)

From 28 July to 08 September 2002 four World Cup competitions were held in Malaysia’s capital Kuala Lumpur. They were held on four different sites. Helena Gabrielson, a Swedish riding instructor who lives in Thailand for nearly ten years, won the League, as she did in 2001, ahead of Syld Omar Almohdzar (MAS).

- Helena Gabrielson SWE Aladdin
Reserve : Syed Omar Almohdzar MAS O’Canthus

Japan League (1 qualified)

Four competitions were held in Japan in the 2002 / 2003 season, with six riders competing. Ryuma Hirota who rode in the 1996 and 2002 Finals, won the League again, ahead of Seiji Ninomiya and Riichiro Matsushita, who tied for second place.

- Ryuma Hirota JPN Zero
Reserve : Seiji Ninomiya
or Riichiro Matsushita JPN
JPN Survival

Australian League (2 qualified)

Fourteen competitions were held in Australia. One event, Canberra, had to be cancelled because of the bush fires. 69 riders competed. Chris Chugg, who rode in the 1987 and 1991 World Cup Finals, won the League with 122 points, ahead of David Dobson (117 points) and Anthony Thomas (107 points). The latter is expected to compete in Las Vegas.
- Chris Chugg AUS Diamond B Ego, Navy Seal
- David Dobson AUS Cantara
1st Reserve: Anthony Thomas AUS Classic Style, Double Take
2nd Reserve: Brook Dobbin AUS Clover Flush, Carrick Clover

New Zealand League (1 qualified)

Ten competitions were held in New Zealand with 21 riders competing. Molly Savill won the League with 56 points ahead of Marcus Wild (53 points) and Merran Hain
(46 points).

- Molly Savill NZL Richard III
Reserve: Marcus Wild NZL Telegraph


Western European League (18 to qualify + Becker and Pessoa)

Eleven of the fourteen competitions have been held. Still to come are Dortmund
(16 March),‘s-Hertogenbosch (23 March) and Göteborg (30 March). Paris-Bercy was cancelled.

Markus Fuchs, winner in Leipzig and Vigo, is in the lead with 80 points, ahead of Rodrigo Pessoa (winner in Verona and Geneva) and Lars Nieberg, both with 58 points. Considering that probably 45 points are needed to qualify for the Final, the following can normally book their flight: Markus Ehning, Ludger Beerbaum, Markus Merschformann, Edouard Couperie, Meredith Michaels- Beerbaum, Toni Hassmann, Thomas Velin, Jos Lansink and Christian Ahlmann. Plus the Defending Champion, Otto Becker. This makes it eight Germans. Since Rodrigo Pessoa counts as “Extra”, the qualification goes down to 19th place.

USA East Coast League (7 to qualify + one home rider)

Six of the nine competitions have been held. Still to come are one competition in Palm Beach and two in Tampa. McLain Ward, fourth in the 2002 Final in Leipzig, is in the lead with 78 points, ahead of Beezie Patton (72 points), Norman dello Joio (66 points), Lauren Hough (54 points) and Leslie Howard (50 points). Both dello Joio and Leslie Howard won part of their points in Western European competitions.

USA West Coast League (3 to qualify + one home rider)

Seven of the nine competitions have been held. Still to come are, on 23 February and 09 March, two competitions in Indio, California. Richard Spooner is in the lead with 72 points ahead of John French (63 points), Eddy Sepul (59 points), Misti Cassar (58 points), Liz Denny (54 points) and Mark Watring (52 points). Sepul and Watring are Belgian and Puerto Rican respectively and would qualify as extra if in the Top 3.


The FEI Children’s International Jumping Competition, launched by the FEI in 1995, is now entering its ninth year. The purpose of this competition is to promote show jumping among children aged 12 to 14 at an international level, at the lowest possible organisational costs. Last year, over 550 children from 42 countries participated in either Category A or Category B. This year, more than 50 countries have expressed an interest in organising the competition. The Category A season runs through 31 October, whereas Category B events can be organised until 14 December. A World Final is held every year for the best riders of Category A. The exact venue of this year’s Final, to be held in early December, has not yet been determined.

The working documents, course plans and obstacle descriptions of this competition can be found on the FEI website section reference/working docs/technical info. The rules are published in the section reference/rules/rulebooks, sub-heading Jumping.


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