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"I Sea Horses!" Plush Toys & Collectable Line Based on New Children's Book Create Oceans of Fun Launches with Fun and Educational Pages Featuring Aquarium & Seahorse Links, Coloring Pages and New Children's Product Line of Six Loveable Seahorse Characters

POINT ROBERTS, Wash., Delta, B.C. March 08, 2004 - is pleased to announce the launch of the new website and product line "I Sea Horses!." The original story introduces six new seahorse characters, all possessing the star qualities for a successful premiere brand.

The tale begins with a herd of wild horses who choose to follow the path of their destiny and live under the sea, as sea horses. Their characters unfold in elements of myth, magic and playfulness, brandishing wild colors that will catch your eye and presenting whimsical faces, which will warm your heart! The horses pose the ultimate question: "Are we horses or are we fish?"

Let your imagination run wild and discover the magic of the seahorses with lights. With previous ocean character brand successes such as "Finding Nemo", children of all ages will love this new story of seahorses. The sea horse product line will be targeted to be available at gift and specialty retailers, aquariums and zoos, beach hotel and resort gift shops, as well as bed and bath stores. Numerous seahorse exhibits will also be on display at public aquariums and this new brand addition will create other cross marketing opportunities as well as new avenues for educational awareness.

By following the website, you will be able to find links to well known aquariums, ocean life coloring pages, seahorse facts and information that will cultivate your interest in the preservation of the mythical seahorse creatures, that we have based our stories on.

The Story: Written by Dawn Van Zant, Illustrated by Callan Van Zant

"What do I see when I close my eyes at night?

Seahorses twinkling with a starfish light.

The magical horses and their friends of the sea,

Light up the night and take care of me!"

"I Sea Horses!" is based on an original story about a herd of wild horses, who chose the life and destiny of living under the sea as seahorses. The herd is led by a white stallion named Pegasus, who foresees that the wild herd's life of freedom on land is about to end in the future and he must turn to the sea or the sky, for another place for them to live. Pegasus chooses to take his herd forward to find a new life in the sea, where they will transform from the earthy colored four legged wild horses they once were, into the magical, tropical pack of blue, green and pink sea horses who unfold in the story!

Fearing to enter the cold dark water at first, the horses are comforted by Marina, a star who has fallen to the sea, where she has become the light of the ocean as a starfish. Her journey to find her own reflection on the ocean floor below, has created a path where the moon and the comets can follow. Her love of the ocean and her friendship with the wild horses creates a permanent bond and, the seahorse carry this starfish to light their way in the dark.

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