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APHA APHA to offer color inspections at serveral U.S. locations

FORT WORTH-The American Paint Horse Association (APHA) has announced a series of color inspection clinics around the country to help Paint Horse owners determine if their horses meet minimum color requirements for APHA's Regular Registry.

APHA APHA will offer color inspections at several locations around the country this year

Cody Weirich, with APHA's Field Services department, explained that when Paint Horses have minimal white markings, it is difficult to determine from some photographs sent in with registration applications if the horses qualify for the association's Regular Registry. For the convenience of owners, they can request an APHA color inspection for closer examination.

While APHA regularly dispatches color inspectors to meet with owners to make these determinations on their Paint Horses, those who choose to attend one of the upcoming clinics will save on travel charges associated with such visits, said Weirich.

"Even if people aren't ready for an inspection yet," Weirich said, "and they just want to learn more about color requirements for APHA's Regular Registry, these are great opportunities for owners to visit with APHA field representatives around the country."

Cost of a color inspection is $100, and DNA testing is available for $55. There is no charge for consultations with the color inspectors.

"We look forward to answering any questions people may have about our registration process or bloodline and color requirements," Weirich said.

To be eligible for the American Paint Horse Association's Regular Registry, horses must come from stock registered with one of three recognized organizations: the APHA, the American Quarter Horse Association or the Jockey Club (U.S. Thoroughbred Registry).

The APHA maintains minimum color requirements for registration in the Regular Registry. Stallions, mares and geldings that meet the bloodline requirements and have a "qualifying area" of white on a dark horse, or dark on a white horse, are placed in the Regular Registry.

Horses that do not have sufficient qualifying areas for the Regular Registry, but meet the bloodline requirements, can be considered for the Breeding Stock Registry. "Breeding Stock" is reserved for stallions and mares that are ineligible for the APHA's Regular Registry, or registration with AQHA or the Jockey Club. Geldings with one Paint parent may be registered as "Identification Status."

Color inspection sites are scheduled at the following locations from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on the dates listed:

Date Inspection location
May 26 Rocking Horse Celebration Arena
Priceville, Alabama
May 26 Will Rogers Center, John Justin Arena
Fort Worth, Texas
June 2 Chicopee Ag Center
Gainesville, Georgia
June 24 Shasta District Fairgrounds
Anderson, California
August 4 Horse Park of New Jersey
Allentown, New Jersey
August 11 Reno Livestock Events Center
Reno, Nevada
August 18 Linn County Fairgrounds
Albany, Oregon
August 18 Herman Stern Arena
Valley City, North Dakota
September 1 Ashland County Fairgrounds
Ashland, Ohio
September 15 Iowa State Fairgrounds
Des Moines, Iowa
October 6 Delaware State Fairgrounds
Harrington, Delaware
October 27 Kern County Fairgrounds
Bakersfield, California
November 10 Joe Freeman Coliseum
San Antonio, TX
December 5 Kansas Coliseum
Wichita, Kansas

Those interested in reserving an inspection time should call Weirich at (817) 834-2742, extension 439 or 221, at least three days prior to the color inspection dates listed.

Please note that inspection locations may be subject to change. Call APHA to verify times and locations prior to inspections.

More about APHA
The APHA was founded in 1962. By that year's end, early association members had recruited 150 fellow Paint Horse enthusiasts and registered 250 horses. By the end of 2000, APHA had enrolled more than 100,000 members and registered nearly 593,000 Paint Horses.

The Fort Worth-based non-profit association employs 165 people and maintains an operating budget of more than $15 million for activities worldwide.

For more information about APHA or APHA programs, call
(817) 834-2742, ext. 788, or log on to

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