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The British Horse Society BHS ACCESS WEEK 2001
- highlighting the need for safer off road riding

Plans are in hand to mark the British Horse Society's ACCESS Week 2001 - 19-27 May. Because of the restriction of riding on bridleways, the week will concentrate on the BHS presenting awards to local authorities and landowners who have addressed the need of riders.

The aim of BHS Access Week is to highlight the need for more off road riding for horse riders and carriage drivers. Today's roads are too busy, and today's drivers too impatient, to enable riders to use the roads safely. There are an estimated 3000 accidents involving horses on the roads every year, and the BHS is campaigning for measures to reduce that number.

This year there will be two Gold Awards, three Silver Awards and two Bronze Awards to local authorities who have taken the need for more equestrian access seriously in their Local Transport Plans/Local Plans. There will also be seven "Route Creation Awards" to landowners who have set up permissive bridleways or new trails, one "Historic Routes Award" for research into unrecorded routes, and ten "Good Guy Awards" made to individuals or local authorities who have consistently worked to open up bridleways and provide more equestrian routes.

In each case the Awards will be presented locally by the local BHS County Access and Bridleways Officer, or the BHS County Chairman.

In presenting these awards the BHS are showing their appreciation of those who have worked hard to provide more off road riding, and at the same time encourage others to follow their example.

Other events to mark BHS ACCESS WEEK include a ride round Milton Keynes (all off road thanks to the foresight of the town planners), quiz nights in Derbyshire and Cornwall, Rights of Way Open evenings in Kent and Somerset (including a visit to the strong rooms) and a Bridleway Awareness day in Yorkshire.

A list of Awards follows. If there is no award being made in your area, WHY
Is your local authority considerate enough to the needs of horse riders?

(ordered by region)


Anglesey County Council Good Guys Award
Anglesey County Council receives a BHS Award for excellent co-operation and work towards improving the bridleways on the island.
Presented by: Mr Mike Roberts BHS Chairman NW Wales 01248 450637
Presented to: tbc


Durham County Council Good Guys Award
For making the Tees Railway a truly multi-user path by opening it up to equestrian use, and improving the access onto existing multi-use old railway line routes.
Presented by: Barbara Crozier BHS ABO, Durham 01207 583429
Presented to: tbc


Wakefield MDC - Yorkshire Route Creation Award
The local authority has created a number of new bridleways and areas which are accessible to horse riders. The council has a policy of creating bridleways alongside new by-passes: Several derelict colliery sites have been developed as leisure areas which include facilities for horse riders.
Presented by: Mrs Alison Harris BHS Chairman Yorkshire 01977 795450
Presented to: tbc

May 19: Access Week Information Day in York 10am - 4pm. Introductory level session on bridleway research, map reading and archive investigation. Everyone welcome. Tickets: £4 members, £6.50 non-members; includes refreshments and light lunch. Tickets from Wendy Suddes 01388 710746


Merseyside Strategic Transport
& Planning Committee Local Plan Gold
Presented by: Mrs M Fishwick BHS CABO 0151 4267223
Presented to: tbc

Fylde Borough Council, Lancashire Local Plan Bronze
Presented by: Mr M Sullivan BHS Chairman NW Region 01772 865680
Presented to: Mr A. Donnelly

The Groundwork Trust - Merseyside Route Creation
Groundwork have worked with St Helens MBC to convert a derelict colliery and power station into colliers moss, a multi user country park complete with bridleways and an all weather gallop.
Presented by: Mrs M Fishwick BHS CABO 0151 4267223
Presented to: tbc

St Helens MBC, Merseyside Route Creation
Presented by: Mrs M Fishwick BHS CABO 0151 4267223
Presented to: tbc

Andrew Ventin, Merseyside ROW Good Guys Award
For his work on making a definitive map of rights of way for the City of Liverpool and working with the BHS to ensure horse riders are catered for. Also his work with Sustrans to allow horse riders to use the Liverpool Loop Cycleway from Halewood to Aintree. Also for helping the BHS to find new riding routes, as well as his work on the Transport Plan.
Presented by: Mrs M Fishwick BHS CABO - 0151 426 7223
Presented to: Andrew Ventin

Chris Moseley, Cheshire Good Guys Award
Chris is the countryside ranger has greatly assisted in negotiations with landowners, which have resulted in rights of way being opened. He has also helped in setting up a circular route in Cheshire for horse riders and cyclists.
Presented by: Diane Hall BHS CABO 01829 760348
Presented to: Chris Moseley

Brian Parry, Lancashire Good Guys Award
The general profile of bridleways in the North West with the Authorities, Corporate Bodies and other user groups has been enhanced and promoted by Brian Parry's consistent support and observation over the last 25 years.
Presented by: Mary-Jo Pinder BHS ABO, Burnley, Lancs 01282 420900
Presented to: Brian Parry

May 21: Quiz Night run by SORR Affiliated Bridleways Group. The Clowne Inn, Nr Chesterfield, Derbyshire 8pm. Contact: Maureen Fisher 01246 813746


Zia Robins, Shropshire Good Guys Award
Zia instigated the' Shropshire Bridleways Groups' and practically single-handed, has successfully challenged two Inspector's decisions to close bridleways in the Shrewsbury area. She is presently working with others to provide sufficient evidence to challenge a third Inspector's decision to close yet another bridleway.
Presented by: Anne Roberts ABO 01248 450637
Presented to: Zia Robins


Leicestershire County Council Good Guys Award
Leicestershire CC have consistently shown a commitment to safe riding routes, including fighting for bridleway J75 for more than 20 years resulting in the law being changed, a bridleway in good order and a safe bridge. They also have an Equestrian Industry Strategy.
Presented by: Mrs Vikki Allen BHS RABO 01509 215619
Presented to: tbc


Hertfordshire County Council Local Transport Plan Gold
Presented by: John Featherstone, BHS CABO Hertfordshire 01923 676535
Presented to: tbc

Essex County Council Local Transport Plan Silver
Presented by: Marlene Curtis, ABO Essex 01702 556508
Presented to: tbc

Norfolk County Council Local Transport Plan Silver
Presented by: Stephanie Howard CABO 01379 608016
Presented to: tbc

Suffolk County Council Local Transport Plan Bronze
Presented by: Brian Freemantle CABO 01284 851051
Presented to: tbc

Bedfordshire County Council Route Creation
A new trail, using existing bridleways, upgraded footpaths and some newly created bridleways, being developed in South Bedfordshire, forming the missing link between the Ridgeway and the Peddars Way to create one long distance bridleway from Wiltshire to Norfolk.
Presented by: Mrs Pat Clarke BHS CABO 01908 582123
Presented to: tbc


Les Howard, Dartford Council Good Guys Award
Les has for years supported horse riders, creates and maintains many of our tracks and has recently supported a modification claim for a new bridleway to provide an important link in the riding route network.
Presented by: Mrs Wendy Bradfield BHS CABO 01322 525391
Presented to: Les Howard Dartford Council Footpath Manager

Gwyn Jones, The National Trust West Sussex Good Guys Award
Two new bridleways in Swindon area, new route in Fulking area - for safety and allowing access to other routes in the area. Also for supporting plan for route to enable safer road crossing on A286 at Singleton.
Presented by: Mrs Veronica Perrin BHS CABO 01403 752591
Presented to: Gwyn Jones

Julia Desch, East Sussex Good Guys Award
Ex Chairman High Weald Bridleways Group
Julia formed the High Weald Bridleways Group (HWBG) with Daphne Spurley in 1993. The number of bridleways that have been reopened and repaired, thanks to her hard work, is staggering.
Presented by: Gillian Ash, Membership Secretary, HWBG 01424 441171
Presented to: Julia Desch

Jayne Bramwell, East Sussex Good Guys Award
Chairman High Weald Bridleways Group
Jayne took over the chair in 1996 and has continued Julia's good work. She liaise s regularly with the Councils RoW department organising contractors, estimates and supervising work to get the best deal possible for paths that need repairing.
Presented by: Gillian Ash, Membership Secretary, HWBG 01424 441171
Presented to: Jayne Bramwell

May 25: Rights of Way Open Evening at the Bull, East Farley, Nr Maidstone, Kent. Bridleway Officers from around the country will be present for people to talk to, discussions and questions. Sue Quarendon, CABO Kent 01622 843607
Sue Quarendon, CABO Kent 01622 843607


Buckinghamshire County Council Local Plan Silver
Presented by: Mrs Alicia Strangman BHS CABO, Bucks 01280 812008
Presented to: Mike Walker, Principal RoW Officer, Bucks County Council

Buckinghamshire County Council Historic Routes
The Historic Routes Award is awarded to bodies engaged in research to determine the extent of the historic network of routes as yet unrecorded on the definitive map.
Presented by: Mrs Alicia Strangman BHS CABO, Bucks 01280 812008
Presented to: Margaret Freeman, Definitive Map Officer, Bucks County

Robin Faccenda, Route Creation
Private landowner, Buckinghamshire
For creating the permissive riding track across the Hillesden Estate, creating a vital link between two bridleway systems.
Presented by: Mrs Alicia Strangman BHS CABO 01280 812008
Presented to: Robin Faccenda

Fiona Dowdell, Buckinghamshire Route Creation
As secretary to Lord Cottisloe, Fiona was the driving force behind the creation of the permissive bridleway across the Swanborne Estate.
Presented by: Mrs Alicia Strangman BHS CABO - 01280 812008
Presented to : Fiona Dowdell

Tom Freemantle, Buckinghamshire Route Creation
Tom Freemantle, the manager for Lord Cottisloe, created a permissive bridleway across the Swanborne Estate.
Presented by: Mrs Alicia Strangman BHS CABO 01280 812008
Presented to: Tom Freemantle

Joanne Taylor, Buckinghamshire CC Good Guys Award
For being consistently helpful and when the query lies outside her remit, always suggesting where to go for the answer.
Presented by: Mrs Alicia Strangman BHS CABO 01280 812008
Presented to: Joanne Taylor RoW Officer, Buckinghamshire CC

May 26: Bucks Access ride. A fascinating circular ride round the City of Milton Keynes - all off road!. Schedules sae to Miss W Wood, 55 West End Court, West End Lane, Stoke Poges, Bucks SL2 4NB

Launch of circular rides in South Gloucestershire. For more information
contact Ann Fay 01454 774243


May 22: An introduction to the Somerset Record Office, including a tour of the strong rooms. Learn how to look up records and find bridleways. Contact: Stephanie Wheeler 01460 63225

May 23: Quiz Night at Jamaica Inn, Bolventor, Cornwall. Contact: Sue Tanzer 01637 860 267

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