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College Equestrian Centre, Nr Keysoe, Beds on Friday 25 May 2001

A new combined dressage tests training and saddle fitting clinic aimed at the "Thinking" Rider will take place on Friday 25 May at 19.00hrs at College Equestrian Centre, near Keysoe in Befordshire.

Two independent Classical Riding Club (CRC) dressage instructors - Fiona Bubb and Andy Fitzpatrick - will be putting some local dressage riders through their paces with a focus on training for the Classical Riding Tests which, through the structure of the tests, encourage a co-operative relationship between horse and rider.

The saddle fitting section of the clinic will be run by The Free 'n' Easy Saddle Company whose revolutionary flexible panel construction has produced the only saddle in the world which is fully adjustable across the width and length of the horse's back - as well as in the location of the stirrup bar - to ensure maximum freedom of action for the horse and to encourage a natural, correct and balanced position for the rider. The Free 'n' Easy dressage saddle has recently been redesigned to give it a more classical and elegant appearance, while retaining all its technical characteristics.

Explains Fiona: "It will be interesting to look at the performance of the horse directly alongside the issues raised in saddle fitting.Correct fitting is always crucial to performanceso visitors should find the saddle clinic interesting whatever their personal choice of saddle at the end of the day."

Adds Les Spark of Free 'n' Easy: "The Free 'n' Easy saddles continue to be developed by listening to horses and riders. An event like this allows us to exchange information on the theory and practice of riding which can further contribute to our unique saddle construction".Free 'n' Easy Saddles are also available in endurance and GP and GP/Jumping designs.For further details about saddle fitting for the "thinking" rider and the Free 'n' Easy range of saddles, visit the web site at

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