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Armathwaite Hall Strongid-P Horse Trials


30th June 2000

Richard Carruthers and Arrandon, winner of the 5yo Winergy Young Event Horse Class
Richard Carruthers & Arandonn, winners of the 5yo Burghley Winergy Young Event Horse class

Ridden hunters (Mr M Florence, Mrs H Park-Johnson)

Lightweight - 1, Eden Mountain Heather (G Gale); 2, Ray (A Sewell); 3, Free Phone (S Cuthbert).
Middleweight – 1 & ch, Kings Flight (G Gale).
Heavyweight – 1 & res, Banninhor (P Richardson); 2, Loxley (G Gale); 3, Sergeant Stryker (K Pelly).

Hacks (Miss N Hall)

Small – 1 & ch, Yealand Prayer (V Campbell); 2 & res, Whitecroft Eastern Promise (B Stephenson)
Large – 1, No Recall (V Townley).

Cob (Miss N Hall)

Lightweight – 1 & ch, Punch (K Henderson); 2 & res, Amford Master Daniel (L Barey).

Riding horse (Miss N. Hall)

Large – 1, Dominator of Marston (K Walker); 2, Safari Tiger (S Turner).
Small – 1 & ch & sup, Flashdance (S Ambler); 2 & res, Ryan Of Riverstown (C Hanley).

Concours d’elegance (Ms Lane) – 1, Punch (K Henderson); 2, Megs Gem (S Hogg); 3, The Lady Grey (S Emmington).

Mixed side saddle equitation (Ms L Lane) - 1, Punch; 2, Megs Gem; 3, The Lady Grey.

Best show horse ridden side saddle (Ms L Lane) – 1,Stanley Grange Janella (V Hodgett); 2, Whitecroft Eastern Promise (B Stephenson); 3, Megs Gem.

Int show riding type (Mrs S Crane)

Large – 1 & ch, Flashdance (S Ambler); 2, Top Hat II (O Robinson).

Small. – 1, Yealand Psalm (E Boardman); 2, Olympic Year (H Spencer); 3, Yealand Prayer (V Campbell).

Int show hunter type (Mrs S Crane) – 1 & res, Riverdance (S Ambler); 2, Sir Skipper (C Richardson); 3, Odins Legal Precedent (O Robinson).

Show Hunter Pony (Mrs S Crane)

153cm – 1 & res, Odins Specific Performance (O Robinson); 2, Wedderlie Moari (R Metcalf); 3, Queen Of Diamonds (K Parkinson).
143cm – 1 & ch, Langfield Fey Dragon (V Clayton).
133cm – 1, Chinook Marquis (C Rose); 2, Treflan Merlinis Magic (A Weaver).
122cm – 1 & ch & res sup, Pumphill Victor (S Manning); 2, Swinside Ballerina (P Shaw); 3, Crossbrook Glitter (C Field).
lead rein shp – 1, Criceth Boy (E Dewhurst); 2, Rosedale Melody (J Coates); 3, Leesview Just William (R Dennis-Day).

Show ponies (Mrs J Templeton) -

Lead rein
– 1, Forgeland Lanson (T Peet); 2, Haighend Lubylou (C Mangan); 3, Royal Chance (H Stuart).
First ridden – 1 & res, Tadegavwill Dark Fantasy (P Shaw); 2, Moonsprite (C Field).
128cm – 1 & res ch, Chinook Gem (S Manning).
133cm – 1, Rose Dew Rambling Rose (C Rose); 2, Treffan Merlyns Magic (A Weaver).
138cm – 1 & ch, Haighend Special Edition (K Ahem); 2, Earnsdale Storm (J Crook); 3, Chinook Marquis (C Rose).
143cm – none fwd.
148cm – 1, Yealand Quixotic (A Higham); 2, Yealand Verity (E Scales); 3, Dunscar Debutante (K Parkinson).

Burghley Young Event Horse qualifiers (J Harvey, I & J Stark, J Holderness-Roddam)

– 4-y-o - 1, Toss Burns (S Cuthbert) 88; 2, Land Agent (S Cuthbert) 79; 3, Amazing Ace (R Telford) 77.

5-y-o – 1, Arandonn (R Carruthers) 87; 2, Lett’s Talk (F Malcolm) 85; 3, Our Bridget (S Watt) 83.

Winners of te Burghley Winergy Young Event Horse 4 year old section
The Burghley Winergy Young Event Horse 4 year old section
1, Toss Burns (S Cuthbert) 88; 2, Land Agent (S Cuthbert)

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