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Working Dog Since 1982, Baileys have become renowned for quality and innovation in the manufacture of horse feeds and now produce an extensive range at their mill in Essex. So it goes without saying that the same care, attention and quality ingredients go in to their dog foods.

For busy working dogs and those with an active outdoor, or sporting, lifestyle, Baileys have introduced Working Dog Mix. Based on their original Complete Dog Mix, Working Dog Mix is a blend of micronised cereals, real chicken nuggets and crunchy extruded biscuits with a nutrient specification to suit the more energetic dog.

Quality protein ensures excellent muscle tone whilst the cereals provide carbohydrate energy to satisfy the demands of the working dog. Coated in poultry fat for an appetising flavour, Working Dog Mix looks good and provides a variety of textures to tempt even the fussiest feeder. Baileys Working Dog Mix is available in a 15kg sack at a VAT FREE price of about £8.25 whilst Complete Dog Mix is available in a 2.5kg bag at £2.35.

Pro Kennel Baileys’ association with Buckeye Nutrition, Ohio, USA is well established, with horse feed products such as Gro' N Win now widely recognised. Buckeye’s ProKennel Original Dog Food and ProKennel Puppy Food are premium extruded chicken-based nuggets formulated by Buckeye, in association with veterinary surgeons, and manufactured in the USA.

Both are chicken based and contain a blend of Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids for healthy skin and a glossy coat plus a broad spectrum of vitamins and minerals ensuring a fully balanced complete diet. ProKennel Original Dog Food is ideal for showing, working and breeding dogs, especially pregnant and lactating bitches, whilst ProKennel Puppy Food provides the perfect balance of nutrients for the growing puppy.

ProKennel Original Dog Food and ProKennel Puppy Food are energy dense and low in fibre to produce less waste, with Yucca Schidigera Extract to reduce odours too. In fact they provide many of the benefits of better known premium dog foods and at a very competitive price. Both products are available in 2.2kg bags, at £4.95 for Original Dog and £5.95 for Puppy, whilst Original Dog is also available in a 9.1kg sack at £11.95.

Baileys Horse Feeds

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