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Friday, June15th,
S8 Mercedes-Benz-Prize

<Nations' Cup>
Jumping Competition - Team Classification
Challenge Trophy of the Federal Republic of Germany
Counting for the <Samsung Nations' Cup Series>

1) BELGIUM Prize Money 90000 DM Total: Time 250.83 Penalties 4.00

2) GERMANY Prize Money 60000 DM Total: Time 247.46 Penalties12.00

3) ITALY Prize Money 40000 DM Total: Time 248.76 Penalties 12.00

4) NETHERLANDS Prize Money 35000 DM Total: Time 251.41 Penalties 12.00

5) USA Prize Money 25000 DM Total: Time 245.19 Penalties 24.00

6) GT. BRITAIN Prize Money 20000 DM Total: Time 252.97 Penalties 32.00

7) BRAZIL Total: Time 254.57 Penalties 12.00

8) SWITZERLAND Total: Time 256.14 Penalties 13.00

9) IRELAND Total: Time 247.16 20.00
Cor D'Alme Z ; Edward Doyle Time 86.11 Penalties 20.00
Irish Independent Casper; Cian O'Connor Time 84.54 Penalties 0.00
Carrig Dubh; Capt. Gerry Flynn Time 82.54 Penalties 4.00
Paavo N; Jessica Kurten Time 80.08 Penalties 16.00

10) FRANCE Total: Time 254.03 Penalties 21.00

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