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Equestrian Videographer Releases Enlightening Video "Fit happens"

Solvang, CA For immediate release: New-Dawn Productions has just released a new video called “FIT HAPPENS”. This is the first video released anywhere that explains saddle fitting using a computer saddle fitting system for validation.

Currently, saddle makers and tack shops attempt to fit saddles with baling wire, plaster casts or thermoform plastic. The lack of any standardized measurement systems has permitted saddle companies to develop their own unique nomenclature that really does not relate to anything, not even the horse.

The result is absolute chaos for the saddle customer trying to find a saddle that fits their horse. Because there is no accurate standardized measurement, equestrians buy saddle after saddle and pad after pad, never really finding a solution.

Dawn Perrine, Producer, Writer, and Director of the new “Fit Happens” video understands this problem all to well. Dawn began riding at the age of 11, “I was given 2 untrained horses and a 75 pound western saddle, the saddle was heavier than I was” After high school she went to Churchill Downs to apprentice as a jockey, “there weren’t many women jockeys is those days.”

For over 35 years, she has been involved in the horse industry, breeding, training horses, Packer/guide in the Northern Rockies, Mounted Ranger in Glacier National Park, even 3000 + endurance miles. She also managed a tack shop and sold saddles. “Been there, done that,” she says in frustration. Dawn’s personal struggle finding a saddle is reflected in the story of the “Fit Happens” Video. She notes, Ï have heard every story about saddle fitting, but where’s the beef? It is all smoke and mirrors”.

The “Fit Happens” video follows an equestrian and her farrier as they try to find a saddle that “FITS”. They try the techniques they are told. In frustration, they search the Internet and find a scientific explanation that reveals that much of what they have been told is not true. Fortunately, they also discover a practical solution to fitting a saddle to a horse by using three-dimensional and computer pressure measurement.

“Dawn developed the idea for this dramatary from her own experience, so any equestrian will relate to this story. This is no powder puff piece, “she notes, there are some funny parts, but there are some hard questions asked and some straight objective answers given”. Dawn point’s outs, “This video is going to force the saddle industry to step up to the plate, and prove something to their customers when they say “Trust me this saddle fits your horse.” “Fit Happens” will explain why the customer cannot find a saddle that fits, but more importantly it will show how the equestrian can protect their horse and pocket book.

“This movie has been a dream and a passion of mine;” acknowledges Dawn, “starting while I was employed in the tack business. “I have wanted to bring out the dark secrets of the saddle industry,” admits Dawn, “This video is fulfilling a longtime dream to help the horse, and tell the truth about saddle fitting so the equestrian can avoid hurting the horse with a saddle that just does not “FIT”

To see a QuickTime preview or purchase the video, please click here.


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