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Tackling Illness, Surgery and Pain with
Hypnotist Laura Boynton King

Wellington, Florida – June 5, 2003 -- In addition to the attendant physical discomforts and pain of illness and/or surgery, the psychological effects can often be overwhelming: stress, anxiety, fear, loss of sleep and depression are commonplace. During such trying times, it is difficult to think clearly and positively –- to see the “light at the end of the tunnel”, so to speak; to remain mentally strong and confident; and to give the body the rest it needs to assist in the healing process. These psychological factors may then contribute to a further deterioration of the physical state.

How does one stop this vicious cycle?

Cutting-edge hypnotist Laura Boynton King has studied this phenomenon for many years and dedicated her life to alleviating these detrimental, psychological roadblocks to physical well-being. Her proven “wellness” techniques have been developed through her own personal experience in dealing with her own illnesses, through specific educational training and certifications, and through the successful treatment of her own clients.

The keys to Laura’s approach are relaxation and positive visualization, achieved through hypnosis. Many physicians, psychiatrists, psychologists and health professionals have also integrated hypnosis into their practices as a coping mechanism in dealing with illness.

Laura has worked with hypnosis for almost 25 years. Based in Lake Park, Florida, she is currently a certified hypnotist, sports hypnotist and neuro-linguistic practitioner. Her company, Summit Dynamics LLC, produces CDs and publications designed to inform and treat through hypnosis.

During the period of total relaxation achieved while hypnotized, one’s subconscious goes into a heightened state of awareness. The subconscious then becomes receptive to suggestions for positive, behavioral changes.

Whether hypnosis is used to supplement conventional medical treatment, or on a stand-alone basis, there is little doubt that through hypnosis one can tackle illness, surgery and pain in an aggressive and favorable manner.

Laura has just released her new six-CD set: THE FACING ILLNESS SERIES. With the assistance of Laura’s melodious voice and gentle assurances, Laura will place the CD-listener in an hypnotic state (without the actual presence of Laura), while one relaxes in the quiet surroundings of one’s home or favorite room. This state will enable the listener’s subconscious to receive and accept the CD’s positive suggestions relating to health and well-being. Each CD in this series deals with a specific aspect of the illness/healing/recovery process.

· The “Preparing Your Mind for Surgery” CD reinforces positive thoughts which will lead to a less painful experience and help in the recovery process.

· The “Maximize Your Treatment Potential” CD helps the listener accept his/her condition and his/her chosen method of treatment, empowering the body to restore itself to health.

· The “Comfort Management” CD teaches the listener to manage and control his/her pain. Pain management through hypnosis has become an accepted medical technique.

· The “Positive Emotional Management” CD shows the listener how to deal with the stress of illness, treatment and recovery.

· The “Improving Your Immune System” allows the listener to relax sufficiently so that his/her immune system can work to its maximum potential.

· The “Sleep Wonderfully” CD empowers the listener to rejuvenate and repair with a good night’s sleep.

The information and positive direction provided by Laura’s FACING ILLNESS SERIES cannot be duplicated. It is a MUST for those in the throes of illness, surgery and/or pain. The cost of the complete set is $109.95, with individual CDs at $19.95 each.

To order the FACING ILLNESS SERIES, visit the summit Dynamics website at Or, call Summit Dynamics at (561) 841-7603.


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