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The British Horse Society BHS TREC 2001

The British Horse Society TREC is the most exciting new equestrian competition to reach the UK in decades. It has attracted hundreds of competitors in the three years it has been running so far because it appeals to the 'ordinary' rider who is looking for fun, not medals.

BHS TREC is a three-phase event. Phase One consists of orienteering on horseback, where riders follow a route on a map at pre-determined speeds. Phase Two tests control of paces, and Phase Three can be up to 5km long. This part of the competition involves the skills and hazards that any rider might encounter out hacking: mounting and dismounting, going through water, under low hanging trees, opening gates, traversing narrow paths, going over bridges, jumping fallen logs and so on. It is completely in tune with the BHS objectives to help riders improve their skills to make riding in the countryside safer and more enjoyable.

The British Horse Society's Rob Jones, who served as chef d'equipe for the UK's World Championship Team and is leading the development of BHS TREC in the UK, said "Its big appeal is the fact that anyone can take part - even on borrowed or hired horses. It does not require highly trained, expensive horses; nor are specialised saddlery and clothing required. Even an inexperienced rider with very basic riding skills can take part and enjoy the experience." Competitions are set at four different levels according to the length of course, technicality of route and difficulty of obstacles with level one being the easiest.

Anyone wishing to take part in a competition should send a sae to the BHSCompetitions Office, Stoneleigh Deer Park, Kenilworth, Warwickshire CV8 2XZ,
Tel: 08701 20 22 44 or email
Information on dates and entry forms areavailable on line
The BHS are alsointerested to hear from potential BHS TREC organisers.


21/22 Jul ENGLISH CHAMPIONSHIPS Qualification not required
Larkhill, Wilts 08701 202244 Open entry- Level 1 & 2
4/5 Aug St Edmunds RC, Thetford Level 2
Norfolk 08701 202244
5 Aug Bridge House EC, Nr Horsham Level 1
West Sussex 08701 202244
11/12 Aug UK TREC CHAMPIONSHIPS Qualification not required
Berriewood, Shrewsbury Open entry- Level 2 & 4
Shropshire 08701 202244
26 Aug Alfred's Tower, Brewham
Somerset 08701 202244
26 Aug Tilford and Rushmoor RC Level 1
Surrey 08701 202244
26/27 Aug Eston Equitation Centre
Cleveland 01642 452260
28-30 Aug Castle Riding Centre Training week
Argyll 01546 603274
31 Aug Castle Riding Centre
Argyll 01546 603274
1 Sept Bryn Sion Liveries
North Wales 01352 720705
1/ 2 Sept Bridge House EC, Nr Horsham
West Sussex 08701 202244
15 Sept Luffenhall, Herts 08701 202244
15/16 Sept WELSH CHAMPIONSHIPS qualification not required
Cimla Trekking Centre & EC Open entry- Level 2 & 4
West Glamorgan
16 Sept BHS Rescue Centre, Oxhill Level 1, individual & pairs
Warks 08701 202244
22/23 Sept Richmond EC
North Yorks 01748 811629
29/30 Sept BANK OF SCOTLAND qualification not required
01555 661377
30 Sept Lulworth EC, Wareham Level 1 & 2 individual & pairs
Dorset 01929 400396
6/7 Oct Castle Riding Centre
Argyll 01546 603274
14 Oct Ditching Common Stud
West Sussex 08701 202244
14 Oct Bledloe Ridge, Bucks
08701 202244
27 Oct Strathdon Hunter Chase
Aberdeenshire 01975 651249

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