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San Patrignon

San Patrignano CSI-A (ITA)

Equestrian sport against drugs and social outcasting

Michael Whitaker:

I arrived here Thursday night, and the facilities are perfect. The people are very relaxed and I am going to try to win as much as possible.

Tim Stockdale:

I have to say that I am very impresed by everything here, the ring and especially the stables. The stables are really second to none. You dont get any better stables at other shows, they are massive. In Aachen for example, the stables are big but here they are massive, with a big tackroom as well. The people are very nice, very friendly. Here you are treated better as a competitor than at other shows, the same way as they do in Calgary, but here it is still better. Id say that everything here is done on a higher level.



Jeroen Dubbeldam, Olympic Champion Sydney 2000

I have to say that everything here is just super. The facilities, and warm-up area are great. The main arena is compavt, not too big, nice and cosy. It is an evening show, so we dont have to get up too early. The people are very simple, not pretentious, just normal people. I like that. I believe it to be very interesting to be riding in a place like San Patrignano, and I am looking forward to finding out more about the community during the lunch and tour. I think as a rider here at least you should take the effort to find out more about this community, but for me it is not just duty, I really want to find out more. The fact that a Dutchman is technical advisor here, makes it all the more special. Maybe normally I would have gone to the show in Spangenberg, Germany, but Emile Hendrix invited me to come over here, and I dont regret that.

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